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not now


referring to the degree to which a certain quality is present


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One may even wonder if the relatively uncommon, even for that time, imperative "Witsafe" is used in place of the more familiar "vouchsafe" as an additional touch of irony on Death's part, since the "wit," the intellectual faculty, is no more safe from Death than any other human faculty.
More quoted Wilson: "the atrocious cruelty which dominates Proust's world," in the behavior and relations of its characters, "is the hysterical sadistic complement to the hero's hysterical masochistic passivity." (7) Accepting Wilson's categorization of Proust as a symbolist because the novel's "dense mesh of complicated relations" (8) creates an artistic universe in its own right which is supposed to possess formal beauty, More echoes Wilson in his own dismissal of Proust: "These airy imaginings of metaphor and simile are really no more than vapours floating up from the abyss of the subconscious where nature lies embedded in the double slime of hysterical sadism and hysterical masochism." (9)
As America's first televised (but not last colonial) war brought the horrors of Vietnam and napalm into our living rooms, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and the Berrigan brothers joined a growing chorus of Catholic pacifists decrying the injustice and immorality of that "police action." And as the Cold War seemed to bring the whole planet to the brink of nuclear annihilation, Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II often sounded like pacifists and conscientious objectors themselves, crying out again and again, "No more war!"
One interpolation indicates that the chancellor "threatened him grievously, reviling and rating him as though he had been a dog." His own voice further decries the ignorance of Gloucester-shire clerics "who have seen no more Latin than that only which they read in their portases and missals (which yet many of them can scarcely read), except it be Albertus, De Secretis Mulierum, in which yet...
On the eve of Imperial Teen's sophomore release, front man Roddy Bottum talks about his former band, Faith No More, and laments the scarcity of male groupies for his new one