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not now



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This is confusion, this the right insanity, when the soul no longer knows its own, nor where its allegiance, its religion, are due.
The architectural book belongs no longer to the priest, to religion, to Rome; it is the property of poetry, of imagination, of the people.
But practically beginning with the sixteenth century, the malady of architecture is visible; it is no longer the expression of society; it becomes classic art in a miserable manner; from being Gallic, European, indigenous, it becomes Greek and Roman; from being true and modern, it becomes pseudo-classic.
Nevertheless, from the moment when architecture is no longer anything but an art like any other; as soon as it is no longer the total art, the sovereign art, the tyrant art,--it has no longer the power to retain the other arts.
It no longer expresses anything, not even the memory of the art of another time.
An edifice is no longer an edifice; it is a polyhedron.
But architecture will no longer be the social art, the collective art, the dominating art.
His people were sometimes terrified to see him, for hours together, absorbed in silent reverie, mute and insensible; he no longer heard the timid step of the servant who came to the door of his chamber to watch the sleeping or waking of his master.
Man thus absorbed, though he does not yet belong to God, already appertains no longer to the earth.
A forgetful, dissipated, indifferent life would be beyond my strength, now I have no longer Raoul with me.
It was no longer possible to sit down in his old place--it was by now all filled with snow.