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Synonyms for nix

no thing; not anything

not so


to prevent or forbid authoritatively

to be unwilling to accept, consider, or receive

Synonyms for nix

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Nix also vehemently rejects that Cambridge Analytica uses psycho- logical profiling: "We call it behavioural communications instead.
Sure enough, the next image showed Nix looking far more elongated, but with one great surprise in it: a big crater
The first job came when Nix Construction got a project in Wyoming that included a couple of water line bores, and the Utah boring contractor Jon Nix had fined up for the work told him he didn't want to go to Wyoming and Nix Construction should do it itself.
The more out of control Roxy becomes, the more desperate Nix is to save Twig.
This is one of those things where you plan and plan and plan and hope you don't have to use the plan and find out where the weak parts of it are," Nix said.
Vocalist was Kellie Case Simmons, and Scripture reader was Richard Ryan Nix.
For Nix, 42, from Mytholmroyd, this will be her third visit to the festival.
Captain Nix has extensive experience managing various storage terminals in Spain, the Netherlands, Bahrain, South Africa and India in a professional career spanning 36 years and will oversee the rest of construction work and maintenance of the terminal, it stated.
The board of directors of Synovus Financial Corp (NYSE:SNV), financial services company, nominated Stephen T Butler and Jerry W Nix to stand for election at its 2012 annual shareholders' meeting on 26 April 2012.
Nix said: "We matched Sunderland technically because we are a good passing side ourselves.
It's obvious the double act of Nix and Williams have had fiendish fun in creating the troublesome twins.
Nix said he included the fee renewal at the request of Gov.
Nix reportedly had medical problems that may have factored into the crash, officials said.
Nix, who's now a professor of supply chain practice at Texas Christian University (TCU), often relates this story to her students to demonstrate that necessity really is the mother of invention.