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a heavy yellow poisonous oily explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol

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Nitroglycerine, through the contribution of NO2 groupages, offers a vasodilator action which is useful in treatment of angina pectoris, chronic heart failure and in acute cardiac infarction, if administered sublingual (26,27,28,29).
Nitroglycerine (nitric oxide donors) may be an effective choice as a tocolytic agent due to its safety profile with infrequent maternal and foetal side effects.5 It is a vasodilator that is essential for maintenance of normal smooth muscle tone of uterus.
we later (post explosion) discovered nitroglycerine was mixed in with the gunpowder," Christofias said.
That's because bacon contains glycerol, which becomes nitroglycerine and TNT.
Mancini has enough worries juggling the nitroglycerine of his players' egos.
bolus followed by 1000 U/hr infusion and was started on a 5 mg/min nitroglycerine infusion, with the rate gradually increased to 100 mg/min.
Hence, it is logical that a NO generator nitroglycerine patch might potentiate the spinal analgesic effect of an opioid.
CITY minister Lord Myners launched a scathing attack on the leading investor who said the UK's gilts were "resting on a bed of nitroglycerine".
2 If you know that you are at risk of a heart attack, always keep a nitroglycerine spray within reach.
Dr Ignarro, who is in Abu Dhabi, at the invitation of Gulf Diagnostic Hospital, told Khaleej Times: "I got the idea when I started working with nitroglycerine, which has been used to relieve heart pain since 1870s.
Although there was no explanation for the incident, it so happened that in December, 1867, 105 years previously, nine canisters of deteriorating nitroglycerine were found in a chemist's cellar in the same area.
Over the years the chemical composition of Cordite (58 percent nitroglycerine; 37 percent nitrocellulose; 5 percent mineral jelly) was only changed slightly, and its physical appearance very little.
The bag looks complicated with all of its straps and clips, but there are only two compartments--one with my clothing and one with various supplies, including three small vials, each containing a different nitroglycerine derivative.
His aim is to hand over a box of medical-grade nitroglycerine to a contact, but his scheme looks shaky as he's had to substitute sugar-water for the substance.