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a heavy yellow poisonous oily explosive liquid obtained by nitrating glycerol

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Actually nitroglycerine in higher doses has been used to treat perioperative laryngospasm successfully.
As about 5-10%7 of the patients, at our tertiary care hospital report with idiopathic pre-term labour and because of increased turnover of patients having multiple risk factors, our study was an attempt to determine the efficacy of nitroglycerine patch in pre-term labour to help in the prolongation of pregnancy and subsequent neonatal outcome by improving their APGAR score.
Local Nitroglycerine for treatment of chronic anal fissure: an alternative to lateral sphinterotomy 1997; 40 (7) : 840-5.
Intravenous nitroglycerine as a means of improving ischemic tissue hemodinamics and survival.
The primary objective of this study was to determine whether a combination of transdermal nitroglycerine (a source of exogenous NO) would enhance the analgesic efficacy of intrathecal fentanyl in patients undergoing abdominal hysterectomy.
Along with this, medications like aspirin, nitroglycerine, and morphine are given to treat chest pain and beta blockers to reduce the heart rate.
Although there was no explanation for the incident, it so happened that in December, 1867, 105 years previously, nine canisters of deteriorating nitroglycerine were found in a chemist's cellar in the same area.
The bag looks complicated with all of its straps and clips, but there are only two compartments--one with my clothing and one with various supplies, including three small vials, each containing a different nitroglycerine derivative.
His aim is to hand over a box of medical-grade nitroglycerine to a contact, but his scheme looks shaky as he's had to substitute sugar-water for the substance.
A gel and patch which contain nitroglycerine - favoured by bank robbers - could prove a major breakthrough in the treatment of the condition.
He found some nitroglycerine pills, commonly prescribed for certain heart conditions, and thought, "Hey, nitroglycerine is explosive, right?
The patient's blood pressure was to be controlled with nitroglycerine that was not to exceed a prescribed dosage 90 micrograins per minute.
The truck, which contained a small amount of fireworks and prescription heart medicine containing nitroglycerine, caused a shutdown of the airport's North Terminal after a bomb sniffing dog alerted police.
Contrary to conventional thinking, a new study suggests that emergency room patients who are relieved of chest pain after taking a nitroglycerine pill are no more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than those who are not.