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While putting together an advertisement for the first Anchorage Daily News Letter Writers Reception, I realized a "come one, come all" invitation to Alaska better be structured or all those strong opinions we were courting might become nitroglycerine.
For example, SWOP fought for the rollback of charges levied against a group of home owners who were forced to hook up with a municipal water system because nitroglycerine had contaminated private wells.
Initially Wah Nobel established the facilities for the production of nitroglycerine based gelatinous/semi gelatinous and powder explosive originally invented by Alfred Nobel of Sweden.
Gels are much safer to handle than nitroglycerine (dynamite).
Five milligrams of glycerine trinitrate or nitroglycerine placed under the tongue can act both as a prophylactic and as a therapeutic treatment for the pain of angina pectoris during intercourse (Heslinga, 1974; Massie et al.
MANA applauds the FDA's recent efforts to remove unapproved morphine and nitroglycerine products from the marketplace, as approved versions of morphine and nitroglycerine products are available for purchase in the United States.
A potentially useful agent is nitroglycerine paste (applied topically above level of injury).
2g, Inj Heparin Low Molecular weight of 10ml, Acenocounmarol Tab 4mg, Tab Levodopa 250 mg with Carvidopa 25 mg, Inj Tranexamic acid 500 mg 5 m, Tab Tranexamic acid 500 mg, Tab Diltiazem 60 mg, Tab Diltazem 90 mg Controlled Delivery, Esmolol 100 mg 10 ml, Tab Fenofibrate 200 mg, Tab Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate 20 mg, Tab Nicorandil 10 mg, Tab Nifedepine 10 mg, Inj Nitroglycerine 5 mg, Simvastatin 20 mg, Amiodarone Hcl 200 mg, Lignocaine Hcl solution 2% for I V 50 ml, Propranolol 40 mg, Digoxin 0.
An early experiment in modern tunneling techniques, including blasting using nitroglycerine, the construction claimed many lives, though the exact figure isn't known.
Rolling nitroglycerine like sausages (main) Gwilym Lloyd working in the print room (top), staff in the kitchen (middle) and CCTV in the processing plant (bottom)
Formulae for making explosive substances were on a board in the spare room and Kasprzak had downloaded instructions for manufacturing explosive nitroglycerine.
The Conservative leader is trying to hold together the economy and, to a certain extent, the United Kingdom, but he generally has the demeanour of a batsman relishing his turn to step up to the crease; Rowan has not had such fun clutching the barrel of nitroglycerine that is the Anglican Communion.
Nothing was left of the cargo in 98 shipping containers, containing a mix of gunpowder and nitroglycerine, and metal casings.
And his pals claim his overdoses have become so predictable that he plans for them in advance by carrying nitroglycerine pills with him when he is using cocaine.