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treat with nitrogen or a nitrogen compound

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The increasing use of cultivars with high productive potential has implied in more frequent use of nitrogenized fertilization, that has been shown to be important in defining grain yield.
Therefore, nitrogenized fertilization requires careful management regarding both the doses applied and the application period.
Thus in some cases, anticipating nitrogenized fertilization, in relation to the conventional recommendations or even compared to the crop sowing, can be more efficient in increasing productivity of annual grain crops (KLUTHCOUSKI et al.
Urea is the nitrogenized fertilizer most used in Brazil because of its comparative advantages in terms of cost, ease manufacturing and final cost for the producer.
The true starting-point for all the tissues is, consequently, albumen; all nitrogenized articles of food, whether derived from the animal or from the vegetable kingdom, are converted into albumen before they can take part in the process of nutrition.