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the assimilation of atmospheric nitrogen by soil bacteria and its release for plant use on the death of the bacteria

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nitrogen-fixing in the soil by Symbiotic bacteria (kg N) = The level of legume crops cultivated (ha) * Nitrogen fixation coefficient for the crop (kg / ha) (13)
His major breakthrough came when he found a specific strain of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in sugar-cane which he discovered could intracellularly colonise all major crop plants.
For the evaluation of nitrogen-fixing organisms in the environment, the nif H gene encoding nitrogenase reductase has been used to characterise the phylogenetic heterogeneity (Ueda et al.
Frankia are nitrogen-fixing bacteria that live symbiotically in the roots of actinorhizal plants.
Second, the insects improve soil nitrogen, probably because termites have nitrogen-fixing gut bacteria, functionally similar to those in the root nodules of legumes, which could help reduce fertiliser costs.
In another initiative, farm and forest experts from the Chennai-based MS Swaminathan Research Foundation and the Nairobi-based World Agroforestry Centre have met to discuss cooperation in evergreen-agriculture--a type of conservation farming that integrates nitrogen-fixing trees with annual crops--which has already become popular in several African countries including Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Niger and Zambia.
Essex, a new lentil variety developed by ARS scientists, offers high seed yields for growers, nitrogen-fixing bacteria for wheat crops, and is a tasty source of protein for consumers who can add it to soups, salads and other fare.
Most nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria carry out photosynthesis during the day and nitrogen fixation at night, but UCYN-A can fix nitrogen all day long.
3 A nitrogen-fixing crop is included to add nitrogen for the next crop - hence the leafy brassica crops follow the peas and beans.
The governor selling plans and activities of his government as he intends to go for the same gubernatorial position also advised state ministry of agriculture, animal resources, fisheries and forestry to seriously embark on the tree-planting initiative to improve agricultural productivity in rural areas through planting of indigenous nitrogen-fixing trees.
But the vast farms where leaf-cutter ants raise fungal crops may harbor a crew of previously overlooked farmhands: nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
of Dundee and Scottish Crop Institute, UK) summarizes current knowledge on the world's leguminous plants and their symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria and provides details on aspects that have not been covered in depth in other volumes.
The new line will produce 600,000 tons of urea and 600,000 tons of ammonium nitrate, both nitrogen-fixing fertilizers.
What with fertiliser prices on the face-whitening side of pounds 300-a-ton, red clovers' nitrogen-fixing capabilities and high protein level make it an essential constituent of any modern grass ley.
Nitrogen-fixing bacteria from representative soil series of the Lower Rio Grande Valley region of southern Texas were examined for their symbiotic association with common 'Pinto' been (Phaseolus vulgaris L.