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the assimilation of atmospheric nitrogen by soil bacteria and its release for plant use on the death of the bacteria

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Whisperingbells (Emmenanthe penduliflora) may cycle the nitrogen in wildfire ash faster than nitrogen-fixing herbaceous plants.
By using the rice germ lectin labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC), and through analysis of the physical and biochemical properties as well as 16SrRNA partial gene sequences, we isolated a nitrogen-fixing stain N1115 from rice rhizosphere soil.
Nitrogen-fixing bacterial population was found higher in the non-rhizosphere soil compared to plant rhizosphere and endosphere.
The in-depth analysis of the Latin American bio-fertilizers market by type such as nitrogen-fixing, phosphate solubilizing, and potash mobilizing has also been discussed in this report.
However, there are few studies of the diversity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the Pantanal biome.
Zeigler predicted, more robust C4 and nitrogen-fixing rice varieties will be developed that will further increase rice harvests for a third Green Revolution.
Lamoureux provides this example of a guild: The canopy layer of fruit trees can be surrounded with nitrogen-fixing plants or shrubs, like clover or caragana (Siberian pea shrub).
This work seeks to briefly show an analysis of the edaphological implications with biotechnological techniques of: genetic engineering and transgenesis, micropropagation, and nitrogen-fixing bacteria applied during the second green revolution; reviewing the cost-benefit ratio of these new techniques, their weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and threats on the atmospheric, geosp
The interactions between actinomycetes of the genus Frankia and 25 different genera of woody dicots result in the development of nitrogen-fixing root nodules and the transfer of fixed nitrogen from the microsymbiont to the plant.
Three main issues, including the definition of active and young farmers, the weighting factor for nitrogen-fixing crop on so-called ecological focus areas (EFAs) and disproportionate penalties that lack tolerance for not applying greening measures properly - were mentioned by De Castro as the most problematic areas.
Comamonas is a nitrogen-fixing beta-proteobacteria.
a nitrogen-fixing bacterium associated with the C4-grass Miscanthus.
Previously, all societies depended on nitrogen-fixing bacteria to replace the nitrogenous compounds that farmers removed from their soil when harvesting crops.
Aberystwyth University last year embarked on a research project looking at lupins, which are a highprotein, high-energy, nitrogen-fixing grain legume with a protein and oil composition that can compete effectively with imported soya.