nitrogen oxide

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any of several oxides of nitrogen formed by the action of nitric acid on oxidizable materials

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The consequences of excess diesel nitrogen oxide emissions for public health are striking," Susan Anenberg, co-lead author of the study and co-founder of Environmental Health Analytics LLC, said.
According to the researchers, it is very difficult to oxidize carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.
If Seneca ran the plant without the SNCR, the particulate emissions disappeared but the nitrogen oxides increased.
Unlike conventional diesel, biodiesel contains oxygen, and researchers have shown that this presence of oxygen is responsible for the majority of the higher emission of nitrogen oxides, said Gregory Shaver, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue.
As Huling notes, the scrubbers and SCRs installed or planned for the facility are so state-of-the-art that "there is going to be nothing to do at Bowed" to further reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.
It has been estimated that once the Protocol has been implemented, sulphur emissions in Europe in 2010 should drop by 63%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 41%, VOC emissions by 40% and ammonia emissions by 17% relative to the emission levels recorded in 1990.
The new rules will be implemented amid advances in development of technologies such as the diesel particulate filter system to eliminate diesel particulate matter and nitrogen oxide.
A consortium of private companies, research institutions, and the European Commission's Joint Research Center is testing materials with the hope that they'll help the European Union meet its target of reducing nitrogen oxide levels to fewer than 21 parts per billion by 2010.
Duke Power has completed the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) project at Belews Creek Steam Station that will enable the plant to reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 80%.
Steam-generating unit operating days when the calculated 30-day average nitrogen oxide emissions exceed standards, reasons for the excess and corrective actions taken;
The thorniest issue was the nitrogen oxide (Nox) cap.
Specifically, OPG is responsible for 23 percent of the province's sulphur dioxide emissions, 23 percent of its mercury emissions, approximately 20 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions and 14 percent of its nitrogen oxide emissions.
Plants like this in Texas cumulatively emit twice as much nitrogen oxide, a key ingredient of smog, as do all the nine million cars in Texas put together.
Electric utility plants powered by coal or oil (most often coal) account for about 70 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions and 30 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions in the United States each year.
They would take effect by the year 2007 and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions between 75 percent and 90 percent beyond the first stage.