nitrogen mustard

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a toxic compound resembling mustard gas in structure

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Cytotoxicity and sister chromatid exchanges in 9L cells treated with monofunctional and bifunctional nitrogen mustards.
granule cells) after treatment with two distinct alkylating agents, methylazoxymethanol (MAM) and nitrogen mustard (HN2).
KEY WORDS: cerebellum, DNA damage, granule cell, HN2, MAM, methylazoxymethanol, nitrogen mustard.
Ethanolamines - iMethod[TM] for the analysis of bio and environmental markers for nitrogen mustards in water
The Chinese anti-tumor drugs can be divided into nine categories: Alkylation Agents, such as nitrogen mustards, ethylene-imines, methanesulfonates, polyatomic alcohols and SarCNU; Anti-metabolite drugs, such as pyrimidine antimetabolites, purine antimetabolites and antifolates; Antibiotics; Plant anti-tumor drugs; Hormone anti-tumor drugs; Platinum metallic anti-tumor drugs; Others; Aided anti-tumor Drugs and immunomodulators.