nitrogen mustard

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a toxic compound resembling mustard gas in structure

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2- hydroxy4,6-dimethyl pyrimidine (I) and 2-mercapto-4,6-dimethyl pyrimidine (VI) attracted our attention because one or two nitrogen mustard can be introduced in them.
signified the first therapeutic use of nitrogen mustard, a mysterious compound that had been under investigation since its devastating use as a chemical weapon during World War I.
Nitrogen mustard was found to be less toxic and the chemical agent became a new weapon in the fight against cancer still used today.
As reported in this month's issue, a research group exposed cultures of immature neurons known as granule cells and the more developed and more abundant astrocytes to sublethal doses of two well-characterized alkylating genotoxicants: methylazoxymethanol (MAM), a highly toxic compound synthesized from the poison found in plants called cycads, and nitrogen mustard (HN2), a chemotherapeutic agent.
This system has already been used to detect and confirm the presence of nerve agents such as satin gas as well as for blister agents such as mustard gas and nitrogen mustard.
PUVA and topical nitrogen mustard seem to be most effective for the skin lesions while vinblastine or etoposide have been used for the systemic manifestations (J.
Chemotherapy drugs called alkylating agents, which include cytoxan and nitrogen mustard, carry the highest risk of infertility.
Recent studies reaffirm the effectiveness of two such treatments: anthralin and nitrogen mustard, said Dr.
Examples are sulphur mustard, nitrogen mustard, lewisite, and phosgene oxime;