nitrogen cycle

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the circulation of nitrogen

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et al 2003 Human health effects of a changing global nitrogen cycle The Ecological Society of America 1: 240-246.
That's unexpected and interesting, but more important, it reveals something new about the oceanic nitrogen cycle.
The nitrogen cycle (nitrification) is carried out by two classes of free-living bacteria (autotrophic).
The central portion of the nitrogen cycle operates by the action of soil microorganisms.
The roles of the legume in the nitrogen cycle of productive and sustainable pastures.
Henderson GS, Harris WF (1975) An ecosystem approach to characterisation of the nitrogen cycle in a deciduous forest watershed.
2-3 on the nitrogen cycle is taken, without correction, from authors who did not understand the cycle or the chemistry involved.
More importantly, synthetically derived fertilizers contain high salt levels and other compounds (perhaps even pesticides), which are harmful to worms and microorganisms; they may impair the nitrogen-fixing ability of the bacteria and short-circuit the nitrogen cycle.
However, the effect of this newly described nitrate reducing process on the global nitrogen cycle, as well as the factors that ultimately control the occurrence, remain unknown.
15]N) in combination with automated chambers and laboratory studies to deliver the high temporal resolution emissions data required for an advanced understanding of the nitrogen cycle and [N.
Nitrification provides available form of nitrogen to plants via nitrogen cycle.
Since the capacity of ecosystems to provide services derives directly from the operation of natural biogeochemical cycles, the alteration of the nitrogen cycle is affecting the provision of many ecosystem services which, in turn, affect human welfare.
According to Srini Kambhampati, professor and chair of the biology department at the University of Texas at Tyler, the disappearance of cockroaches would play havoc with the nitrogen cycle.