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4), I initially used diazobenzyloxymethyl-treated nitrocellulose sheets as the replica medium, as with nucleic acid blots, but soon found that unmodified sheets were more satisfactory and, moreover, required no time-consuming derivatization.
Unlike black and brown powders, the new nitrocellulose powders had the desirable characteristics of being relatively smokeless, powerful, and nonhygroscopic.
Allows use of PVC in contact with furniture finishes because it has little tendency to migrate and soften nitrocellulose lacquers.
This refers to the threat of nitrocellulose-based explosives, or fabric that is treated with nitrocellulose rendering it an effectively concealed explosive device.
US airport screeners are to begin screening for nitrocellulose which could turn items such as jackets, pillows and toys into bombs.
After blocking, the nitrocellulose was incubated overnight at 4[degrees]C with patient sera diIuted 1:50.
Modern, smokeless propellants date from 1846 when both nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin first emerged from European laboratories.
As shown in Figure 1, two different sources of nitrocellulose membranes failed to demonstrate any positive DNA signals over fresh DNA-free membranes in both SYBR DX and ethidium-bromide staining.
We like them because they can sand thermoplastic nitrocellulose without melting it," said Goodson.
Nitrocellulose (CAS 9004-70-0) Market Research Report 2012 presents comprehensive data on nitrocellulose markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of lacquer clear, nitrocellulose, paint, r.
For nearly 70 years, the Scholle Chemical business has developed nitrocellulose solutions, specialty chemical solutions and bag-in-box acid sales for the North American marketplace.
A medical examiner's report stated that traces of nitrocellulose - an explosive material also known as guncotton - were found on shrapnel pulled from the victim.
Some of the key raw materials causing price increases include: rosin, acrylic acid, carbon black, titanium dioxide, nitrocellulose, crude oil and natural gas, vegetable oils, and colored organic pigments.
Through his work as a coatings chemist, he became one of the world's leading authorities on nitrocellulose.