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Synonyms for nitrify

convert into nitric acid, nitrous acid, or nitrate, especially with the action of nitrobacteria

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treat with nitrogen or a nitrogen compound

treat (soil) with nitrates


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Without NIs, the soil nitrified at a rapid rate and nitrification of the applied [(N[H.
N in mineral N fertilizer or organic manure is rapidly nitrified in soil after application [5-7].
These were also associated with microbial processes, especially concerning nitrification, since for every gram of nitrified ammonium 4.
Because N turnover can be rapid, between application and the first sampling (28 days) some fertiliser N was probably immobilised, mineralised, nitrified, and leached.
The process is more energy efficient than conventional biological nitrogen-removal systems because only part of the ammonium in wastewater needs to be nitrified.
The incoming wastewater provides a carbon source for denitrifying bacteria that reduce nitrate and nitrite in nitrified mixed liquor.
Farm crops usually make more use of nitrate, either from nitrate fertilizer or from nitrified ammonium.
Additionally, the EA requires the works to meet a more stringent nitrified effluent standard.
Refuge volunteer Kyle Wear collected soil samples from our continuing study on the effects of applying sawdust to restored areas that have been previously nitrified by yellow bush lupine.
In the BNR, the ammonia is nitrified to its nitrate form by aerobic bacteria known as Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter.
Ammonia would not be nitrified, and its concentration would be much higher in the water column.
2]O from nitrification, allocating a set proportion of nitrified N to [N.
For the BZ and FP plots in Sangara 2, and for the FP plot in Dami 2, the soil in both the control and ammonium chloride treated plots had very low and virtually identical ammonium concentrations, indicating that effectively all the ammonium was nitrified by the time the soil samples were extracted.