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Synonyms for nitrify

convert into nitric acid, nitrous acid, or nitrate, especially with the action of nitrobacteria

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treat with nitrogen or a nitrogen compound

treat (soil) with nitrates


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However, much of applied N will be nitrified and some leached with accompanying base cations.
Ammonia would not be nitrified, and its concentration would be much higher in the water column.
The first job was performed with ABRASIJET* hydraulic pipe-cutting and perforating technology to cut slots by pumping nitrified sand slurry, and the second using guns with the eFire electronic firing head system.
By contrast, N derived from fertiliser can be rapidly nitrified, resulting in the build-up of large quantities of nitrate-N near the soil surface soon after application (sowing) when crop demand is small and the potential for gaseous loss as [N.
For the BZ and FP plots in Sangara 2, and for the FP plot in Dami 2, the soil in both the control and ammonium chloride treated plots had very low and virtually identical ammonium concentrations, indicating that effectively all the ammonium was nitrified by the time the soil samples were extracted.
The product is a mixture or organic and natural sources such as reactive phosphate rock, magnesite, gupsum, volcanic rock and lime nitrified brown coal, or lignite, providing small amounts of humic acid,
The job was performed with ABRASIJET* hydraulic pipe-cutting and perforating technology to cut slots to pump nitrified sand slurry to bypass the mud damage that had stopped other wells drilled with the same mud to produce after gun perforation.
or been nitrified, absorbed by the plant or bound to the cation exchange sites.
Almost all of the ammonium initially supplied by the application of ammonium nitrate was nitrified both in bare soil and in the presence of C.
Concentrations of ammonium are generally low in soils, because ammonium is readily nitrified to nitrate by soil microorganisms (Fig.
ACTive services also avoided the need for foamed fluids by utilizing nitrified PowerCLEAN* fluid.
Indeed, in these intensively managed vegetable soils, often excessive amounts of reduced N (urea fertiliser, organic matter additions) are applied, and this reduced N will thus be quickly nitrified and prone to losses if it is not taken up by the crop.
N in the field nitrified under laboratory conditions in response to (a) temporary inundation, such as could occur in the field, (b) N[H.
N to remain in the soil for longer and therefore a higher proportion will be nitrified to N[O.