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the chemical process in which a nitro group is added to an organic compound (or substituted for another group in an organic compound)

the oxidation of ammonium compounds in dead organic material into nitrates and nitrites by soil bacteria (making nitrogen available to plants)

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The new tertiary nitrification system(s) may replace or complement the technologies being used for the removal or reduction of toxic ammonia and solids from the effluent to the prescribed levels as required by the water framework directive as amended, the environment agencies - no deterioration programme as amended, together with Anglian Water's Technical specifications.
In contrast, AOB growth was prominent and closely linked to nitrification activity at the high N[H.
These results indicate that reducing the rate of urea hydrolysis and inhibiting nitrification with combined use of agrotain, nitropyrin in an alkaline calcareous soil is important to reduce N losses and N2O emission, improve fertilizer use efficiency of applied urea with maximum bioavailability to plants thus increase the yield of Maize crop.
In the present study, the practicability of the long-run treatment of wastewater containing high concentration ammonia nitrogen via the utilization of aerobic granular sludge is determined via granular sludge cultured through nitrification [14].
Through laboratory testing we determined that pathogens and pharmaceutical residues were only partially removed during the nitrification process (Bischel et al.
Figure 7 illustrated that, the nitrification rate started from the sheet 11 and increase gradually till it reaches almost full nitrification in the effluent with concentration reached an average of 13.
You insulate filters (including nitrification filters or biofilters) by surrounding them in rigid insulation (flexible insulation becomes useless when wet).
However, simultaneous nitrification and denitrification (SND) has recently been found at various types of process units with advantages over the conventional processes like two-step process (aerobic/anoxic phases) such as the cost saving for anoxic tank and the addition of external carbon sources during the denitrification (Munch et al.
Moreover, sorghum and sunflower residues/root exudates/water extracts have been shown to improve plant nitrogen uptake and fertilizer nitrogen use efficiency due to their significant roles in nitrification (the biological oxidation of NH + to NO - via NO -) inhibition (Alsaadawi, 432 1986a, b; 1988).
Accessible text and supportive images help explain such processes as fixation, nitrification and dentrification, as well as the important role of bacteria in the nitrogen cycle.
Several studies have shown that when the temperature decreases nitrification rate also reduces resulting in accumulation of nitrite in the sewage water (Papen and Von Berg 1998; Fisher et al.
The biological oxidation of NH4+1 to NO3-1 is known as nitrification that converts relatively immobile form of nitrogen (NH4+) to highly mobile form (NO3-1) by ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) especially Nitrosomonas species in the soil.
to use the nitrification process (known at SMC as the "bug plant") to treat mine water and remove ammonia from its water stream.
Excess amount of nitrate formed during nitrification losses through leaching or denitrification.