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of or containing nitrogen

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Moreover, Asia-Pacific is projected to emerge as the fastest growing global nitric acid market over the next five years, on account rising demand from emerging economies such as India and China.
They hoped that these sources would continue a chain reaction to produce nitric oxide in the body and help improve people's cardiovascular systems.
Healthy flow-mediated dilation reflects sufficient production of nitric oxide, which is generated by the blood vessels' endothelial lining and causes them to relax.
Biologists and food scientists from companies and universities across the US explore possible implications of the biochemical pathway in developing strategies to combat heart disease and many other contemporary diseases associated with nitric oxide deficiency.
Soon after the discovery that nitric oxide was produced in the body, nitric oxide was reported to be the product of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS), of which 3 isoforms exist: neuronal NOS, inducible NOS, and endothelial NOS.
Mean levels of nitric oxide metabolites of LL patients with ENL and without ENL were compared by student's 't' test.
Nitric oxide is toxic to bacteria, tumour cells in presence of cytokines and other human pathogens (2).
It's also a chemical factory, producing a steady supply of nitric oxide.
We need to be able to pick up the disease before it has had an impact on lung function, and that's what exhaled nitric oxide measurement can do," he said.
2]-agonist response or methachotine challenge test--exhaled nitric oxide, at a cutoff of 16 ppb, had a specificity of 90% and a positive predictive value greater than 90% in identifying patients with the disease (Chest 2003;123:751-6).
To create an animal model of preeclampsia, Osol and his colleagues injected pregnant rats with a drug that inhibits blood vessels from releasing nitric oxide, a molecule that normally relaxes vessels so that they can expand.
Additionally, studies suggest that African Americans may produce less nitric oxide in their blood vessels and destroy it too quickly.
What it does: Our bodies can convert arginine into nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes and opens up blood vessels, including those in or leading to the penis.
Nitric oxide (NO) in exhaled breath is produced primarily by the upper respiratory airway mucosa.