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Recently more people have been worried about nitrates in food.
Nitrate is the chief source of nitrogen in soils that not only stimulates organism's growth by inducing genes that encode nitrate transporter proteins or enzymes taking part in nitrate assimilation but also positively affects plant morphogenic processes (Scheible et al.
Of the 69 subjects recruited into the study, full data sets were available from 65 participants (33 from the nitrate group and 32 from placebo group).
You can't completely avoid nitrates, since 80 percent of the nitrates in our diet come from vegetables, such as celery, greens, beets, parsley, leeks, cabbage, and fennel, and drinking water.
The animals received three experimental diets in succession, which differed in the nitrate supplementation level: 0% nitrate (0NR), 1% nitrate (1NR), and 2% nitrate (2NR).
In this study, 323 samples of foodstuff collected from different regions in Arak city were analyzed for nitrate and nitrite levels by spectrophotometric method.
The model results also suggested that cover cropping is more effective in reducing nitrate losses in subsurface drainage in the southern part of the region.
Leaching of nitrate from applied fertilizers is considered as the main source of pollution of groundwater underlying flooded rice fields.
05) in the nitrate treated group compared to the control and other treated groups.
In some cases where dense hardpans are present, nitrate leaching will not progress beyond the depth of the hardpan.
GAO investigators were unable to even identify the number and location of facilities storing ammonium nitrate.
Pursuant to the related agreements, the company will supply between 700,000 to 800,000 tonnes of industrial grade ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate solution annually for at least 10 years, commencing 1 January 2017.
Various methods for the elimination of nitrate ions from drinking water and the limitations of their applications have so far been investigated.
In a report, published on 18 October on the implementation of the directive concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources, known as the Nitrates Directive - COM(2013)0683(1), the European Commission points out that while nitrate concentrations are slightly decreasing in surface waters and in groundwater and even though sustainable agricultural practices are more widespread, pollution by nitrates and eutrophication are still posing a problem in numerous member states.