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Nit-pickers might cavil that they should have cleared the paddock more quickly, but they communicated efficiently with the paying public and rapidly took the only course open to them of calling the meeting off.
Levitical nit-pickers. Grim-faced, white-whiskered, tweed-suited, fence-building elders o' the kirk.
What you are starting to hear, though, is the tired questions the nit-pickers and nonbelievers repeatedly raised in 2003 and '04.
Execs often face a board with many conflicting priorities--the cliche about herding cats comes easily to mind--encountering nit-pickers questioning everything from their choice of long distance provider to whether the association needs a subscription to The New York Times.
For the nit-pickers among us, such little niggles, and the clean but somewhat untidy loos, can mar an otherwise great experience.
Sadly for Ann, her list of achievements accidently include things that have nothing to do with her - and the nit-pickers at Denbighshire Council, are not happy.
And there is nothing the nit-pickers can throw at this side which truly counts for anything except grudging and mean-spirited hair-splitting.
This, and his willingness to listen to others, attracts the like-minded to him, while nit-pickers such as Steve Payne apparently seethe with envy.
The nit-pickers must not be allowed to muzzle free speech.
Nit-pickers, most of whom are sour-faced Australians, will suggest it's a phoney Grand Slam because 25-year-old Woods won three majors last year and one this.
Johnson is still serving a five-week suspension, imposed for foul play, and is it only the pedants, the nit-pickers, who will dare ask the question: how can you be picked to play for - to captain - your country while you are still under suspension?
The other branch of nit-pickers complains about electing major leaguers from a time when the game was in its infancy and played under a different set of rules.
Historical nit-pickers will have a field day with certain touches, such as the notion that anyone would call Brian Wilson a genius before the release of "Pet Sounds" (it was a publicity gimmick) and the "fact" that Dennis and Love were surfing buddies.
A work of this scope is an invitation to nit-pickers, and there are certainly many nits to be picked.
They can thus help editors on the project to metamorphose magically from tolerated nit-pickers into valued movers and shakers.