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He converted it from bureaucratic nit-picker into partner and servant of American communities.
Well, I don't want to be a nit-picker Paolo, but can I refer you to a 1921 speech in Bologna when Mussolini stated "fascism was born out of a profound, perennial need of this our Aryan and Mediterranean race" claiming whites needed to colonise Africa to civilize inferior people.
Veteran nit-picker and founder of Hair Whisperers, Amy Goldreyer states, “Without products like the LouseBuster, which kills lice and nits, the only proven method of treating lice is manual removal.
They've got it so right that you'd have to be an obsessive nit-picker to have a snowball's chance of finding fault.
Someone can be a nit-picker. Call me Taurus to handle this critical potential...
"Slugflation", mercifully, is nothing like that, it strictly is a nit-picker's malady.
The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines 'nit-picker' as 'a pedantic critic; a petty fault-finder'.
It's also beyond argument that he went on winning serious things longer than anyone the biggest nit-picker could name.
So how, I can hear you asking, could even a degree-level nit-picker like me find fault with a car this good.
And focusing only on what's wrong rather than what is right may mean you are perceived as a negative nit-picker. For more, please call me.
NOT wishing to appear as a nit-picker, I would love to know why it is that The Journal keeps referring to the creation of elected regional government as "Home Rule".
Sheikh Mohammed was educated at Cambridge - not the actual university, apparently, although no-one but a nit-picker would worry too much about that.
Call me a nit-picker, Mandy, but if you're spending my millions I'd like you to be accurate.
The way they monopolised the game was startling and Moyes the nit-picker fumed at the way they tossed it away.
Mohamed Salah will always have his critics, the nit-pickers who pore over every facet of his game in pursuit of a flaw on which to latch.