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nit-pick other areas game, but that first for us was poor.
When the Jockey Club and BHB appear (admittedly from a small permit-trainers' perspective) to nit-pick about myriad minor details with regard to health and safety in the workplace, it is ludicrous that the wearing of a breastgirth on the racecourse isn't as compulsory as the wearing of a body protector.
'Some of the refereeing now is so fussy - especially this one - and if we have officials who continue to nit-pick, then we will lose the beauty of the English game, which is followed all over the world.'
Mr Jaddoo's ignoring of this effort to nit-pick at a daft mistake seems less community campaigner, more local loudmouth.
It will look differently and it will modernise it, but lets not nit-pick."
It was set up to fault-find and nit-pick. It works in the belief that "Satisfactory" is not good enough.
Ian McAllister, Elgin, said: "I don't want to nit-pick but can referee Craig Thomson please explain to the Celtic supporters why Bougherra was not red-carded after the penalty incident."
It might be possible to nit-pick. For example, some of the higher notes in a choir arrangement of Joy to the World seemed to be strained.
Not that I want to nit-pick but it was in fact Charles I who was beheaded (by Parliament) and not his son Charles II.
"Everyone is trying to nit-pick but then one game passes and then me and him score.
Anyone can nit-pick with a work such as this, and the
If staff at this hot-bed of whingers have the time to nit-pick, I'd say it's ripe for a few redundancies.
Not that I want to nit-pick about what Welsh Labour MPs say, but it was in fact Charles I who was beheaded (by Parliament) and not his son, Charles II.
Judges, however, like to nit-pick. It is their primary function.
What's interesting in such cases is that it's always spokesmen who complain, never addicts themselves who have too much on their minds to nit-pick.