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an effortful attempt to attain a goal

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8220;In my 33 years in business, I have never seen a product that had such tremendous feedback from customers,” says Jim Gorman, Corporate Vice President of Marketing for Nisus.
Cowley's Latin Lovers: Nisus and Euryalus in the Davideis.
The self, for Emerson, in its ecstatic nisus, moves toward the future, striving to overcome limiting circumstances, creative or otherwise; to go beyond itself.
Habermas defends modernity, conceived as an unfinished nisus of emancipation--that is, once again, discounting its dark and savage side--against the "reactions" of postmodern culture.
The primary subtext is the epic model of Virgil's Nisus and Euryalus.
The most significant of Govan's many co-curricular activities at MVSU is his involvement in the Paradigm for Longitudinal Acceleration to Nisus (PLAN), a support group whose purpose is to facilitate appropriate actions for growth to manhood through activities ranging from personal growth and self-discovery seminars to weight lifting, swimming, and learning to play a musical instrument.
Snails, including the giant African land snail, love Niban, manufactured by Rockford, Tennessee-based Nisus Corporation.
waterborne borate preservative (BoraCare, Nisus Corp.
Still, Goethe also insists that all talk of "a nisus formativus .
For example: "[F]orce does not consist in a simple faculty, with which the schools seem to have been content, but is further endowed with conatus or nisus, attaining its full effect unless it is impeded by a contrary conatus.
In these instances he is quite aware of the destructive, aggressive expression that this nisus towards power has taken and still takes.
Green Technology from Nisus Corporation shifts termite treatments in new construction