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a rubber or plastic shield to protect the nipples of nursing women

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A qualitative research study was conducted in selected communities in the Vhembe district of Limpopo, SA, to assess the acceptability of the JustMilk Nipple Shield Delivery System (NSDS), a novel infant drug- and nutrient-delivery device.
Authorities also found no presence of the drug on the teething ring, pacifier and nipple shield - which called Zeazas-Laferty's explanation into question, Grice wrote.
Mum had reduced using her nipple shield to 2-3 times per day rather than with every feed.
To address these needs, the Just Milk team is developing an antiretroviral tablet that can fit inside a specially modified nipple shield and dissolve into the mother's breast milk.
BARGAINS: Wilf's goody bag included a Muller hat, a pill silverer and a nipple shield
A team of five students and an experienced medical doctor devised a method for disinfecting breast milk, involving the modification of an existing nipple shield to prevent the transmission of the HIV virus from mother to child during breastfeeding.
That exposed nipple shield emboldened the parents groups and religious orgs to ramp up the pressure, galvanizing the FCC to start cracking down on TV shows denounced by self-styled guardians of moral decency.
Regarding a nipple shield medication delivery system
That performance concluded with Timberlake ripping her costume to reveal her right breast bare except for a nipple shield.
Apparently, Justin Timberlake "mistakenly" pulled off a part of Janet Jackson's top, during the final of the Superbowl to reveal a rather painful looking nipple ring, which it now turns out is actually a "nipple shield".
At the end of their duet, Timberlake snatched off part of Jackson's bustier on stage, revealing a breast clad only in a sun-shaped "nipple shield" to some 89 million viewers.
And alternative culture shops have been swamped by other followers of fashion who see the nipple shield as the latest ''must have''.
At the premiere of Drew Barrymore's new film, 50 First Dates, he ripped his shirt to show a sun-shaped nipple shield. And it seems he's not the only one who can't get enough.