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Synonyms for nipple

Synonyms for nipple

the small projection of a mammary gland

a flexible cap on a baby's feeding bottle or pacifier

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The most common explanation about the presence of nipples in every person can be found during fetal development.
At least 18 years old, Nipple fissure with 1-4 score for Store, Single delivery, The term baby, The natural weight of the baby (2500-4000 gr), Infant without congenital malformation; palate, jaw and face and short frenulum, Exclusive breastfeeding Absence of nipple abnormalities such as nipple and breast or nipple surgery; very small or large breast, Lack of maternal immunodeficiency diseases; diabetes and hypertension, Lack of mother's neurological diseases and depression, Insensitivity to chamomile and lanolin ointments.
The bare-chested moment Sunday had some feminists and Janet Jackson supporters focused on how male and female nipples are treated differently in life, especially on network TV and by the NFL years after Jackson's career was derailed by a split-second halftime reveal.
Sternal notch to nipple distance on the right breast was 28 cm and on the left breast 29 cm.
After 1-year follow-up, there was no bloody nipple discharge recurrence.
Carcinomas were defined as originating in the nipple if most of the invasive carcinoma was located in the nipple papilla and adjacent dermis, above the smooth muscle of the areola.
Results of the MRI showed no solid mass underlying the nipple. A wedge biopsy of the nipple was performed to confirm the initial shave biopsy pathology (Figure 1).
Thousands of gamers were shocked at the sight of Mario's nipples in the latest update for "Super Mario Odyssey." Fans made the discovery after Nintendo ( released updates on the game Wednesday through Nintendo Direct, a platform utilized by the gaming company to unveil announcements.
Telltale signs | A hard, painless lump in the breast; | Nipple turning inwards; | Fluid coming out of the nipple; | A persistent sore or rash around the nipple; | Hard, red or swollen skin around the nipple; | Small bumps in the armpit.
Caption: Backing out the nipples slightly until the hammer can pop the cap is a way to put this percussion cylinder to work temporarily.
(3) Apply some glue or sealant around the edges of the holes and screw the water nipples into them.
Sonography (Genova Italy, Esaote MyLab [sup]™ One/Touch, 20 MHz high-frequency transducer) revealed a well-fined hypoechoic nodule, 10 mm x 9 mm in size, in the inferior part of the nipple [Figure 1]b.
Now physicians have developed a way to remove the breast tissue--where cancer usually resides--while maintaining most of the skin and nipple. Even better, the procedure can reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 95 percent.
'Among women with node-positive breast cancer, nipple-sparing surgery may be appropriate for patients who do not have T4 or inflammatory carcinoma, patients that do not have multifocal disease, and who clinically and on imaging modalities do not appear to have nipple involvement," Dr.