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Synonyms for nipping

capable of wounding

pleasantly cold and invigorating

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and M., Zubair, Effect of nipping on growth and yield of chickpea, The Journal of Animal Plant Sciences, 2010; 20(3): 208-210
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Method of seed bed and nipping practices on growth and leaf curl index chilli (pooled of three years) Treatments Growth parameters 45 DAT Plant No.
The present study was planned to appraise the interaction between nipping and genotypes of chickpea as well as to evaluate genotypic and phenotypic association among yield and other traits to be considered as yield contributing traits.
Similarly, chickpea nipping has been reported to an innovative and profitable venture in D.I.Khan by using crop for grazing goats and sheep at seedling stage resulting profuse growth of the plants
control (without nipping) and nipped were evaluated.
Key words: Chickpea, nipping, spacing, growth, yield.
Nipping in chickpea is one of the important parameter for the enhancement of yield and yield contributing parameters.
On the one hand nipping at prescribed growth stages could improve yield of the cr p while on the other hand during time the chickpea in the field is usually a shortage of fodder and poor farmers could not afford to buy forage at distant locations, so chickpea may provide them an opportunity to fetch green fodder for their livestock.