nip and tuck

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Synonyms for nip and tuck

nearly equivalent or even

Synonyms for nip and tuck

plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face

inconclusive as to outcome

even or close in a race or competition or comparison

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It was be nip and tuck - and I don't expect anything different in three weeks' time."
"It's going to be nip and tuck, and could come down to pressure and experience," Graham said.
I had a goal in mind when I got Nip and Tuck, I wanted to use them to farm with, but I wasn't sure how to accomplish that.
Specific topics that will be covered in the Nip and Tuck series are as follows:
Over on Channel 4, Bleach Nip And Tuck is the first of a two-parter billed as part of the Race: Science's Last Taboo season.
In the '80s, terms like nip and tuck (1980) and liposuction (1983) were on everyone's plumped-up lips.
The cosmetic nip and tuck amounts to little more than some subtle styling alterations front and back plus revised headlamps.
A nip and tuck tussle saw the scores all square at 18 across before the Surrey man nicked the verdict with a single and two.
There she took on Wrexham's rising star Jo Nicholson, and after a nip and tuck opening nine holes, the Creigiau golfer, who is enjoying a splendid season, spurted to the front and stayed there.
ROBERT Redford is right to pour scorn on vain film stars who rush off to the plastic surgeon for a nip and tuck.
It was nip and tuck throughout the final furlong and a half, but the Brian Meehan-trained gelding prevailed, and could make a quick reappearance at either Newbury or Nottingham on Saturday.
Gabby, 39, mum to seven-year-Reuben and Lois, hopes the new "nip and tuck" cozzies, from pounds 40-pounds 45, boost ar-old twins ew , will e women's body confidence and get them back into the pool.
Murtagh, 39, who last won the title 11 years ago, finished the campaign with 93 winners and said: It's been nip and tuck all year with Pat.
They should give him a spruce And a nip and tuck for the fairy.
The Cayenne is getting a nip and tuck after four years on the market.