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Synonyms for nip

Synonyms for nip

to grasp at (something) eagerly, forcibly, and abruptly with the jaws

to spoil or destroy

to take (another's property) without permission

a small amount of liquor

to take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually

Synonyms for nip

a small drink of liquor

(offensive slang) offensive term for a person of Japanese descent

the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

the property of being moderately cold

a small sharp bite or snip


squeeze tightly between the fingers

give a small sharp bite to

sever or remove by pinching or snipping

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The overall roll-stand assembly needs to operate while maintaining a precise nip gap under heavy loads that are applied to polish thin-gauge sheet.
The nip is modeled and displayed graphically in 3D so that machine operators can dial in their machines to get maximum results.
It took most of the summer to get Nip and Tuck to wear a yoke and pull a tire.
3 Improving fundability: NIP 1 argued that 70% or more of the pounds 200bn investment required in the period to 2015 should come from the private sector - at a time when there is fierce global competition for such funds.
The DG said that in the first week of July new NIP programme would start and in the 3rd week of the July ministry will organise a placement letter ceremony where Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Ali Gillani will be the chief guest.
Let's start by considering a plain roll, which has not been drilled, and consider PSI in the nip as the major factor.
metering the stock so that the mass flow through the nip is exactly equal to that needed to produce a sheet of the target thickness and untrimmed width;
The Video-Gap, a roll nip monitoring system from Processing Technologies, Inc.
However, she says, it wasn't dear whether the cleaner fish actually had a taste for their clients or were just hungry enough to nip the customer when the search for parasites proved arduous.
Since 1995, NIP researchers have been examining ADM disorders among delinquent youth held in Chicago's Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.
Hoya is scheduled to produce 4000 of the 8000 slabs needed for NIP and LMJ.
Sandiacre Packaging Machinery Ltd have announced the launch of their powered nip drive, which ensures good positional registration of bag top and bottom seals on their vertical form fill and seal machines.
Prior Information Notice: procurement outsourcing services editors NIP, ie.
And One Direction fans have a lot to say about the nip slip photo.