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the traditional Japanese method of espionage

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F.S Ninja Academy's chief instructor Irfan Bhatti and his assistant Naveed Anwer Bhatti, who are providing martial arts training in 60 schools of the twin cities and 10 institutes, and their students performed the Ninjutsu style of judo, karate and sword amid applause from the audience.
Martial Arts Illustrated Live comes to Huddersfield Sports Centre, on December 12, featuring seasoned practitioners of karate, kickboxing, ninjutsu and other martial arts.
Weekly martial arts, yoga, and meditation classes at the Ninjutsu Center in West Islip, New York, are the centerpiece of the TEI program.
This exciting book details the history of the espionage skills of Ninjas who were masters of 18 warrior skills, including the martial art ninjutsu.
He is trained in the art of Ninjutsu and his real name is Oroku Saki.
For instance, Scorpion can battle as Ninjutsu (using two blades), Hellfire (flame–based moves) and Inferno (summon a demon to attack opponent).
For that matter, you might as well take issue with the notion of an overgrown rat teaching himself martial arts from a conveniently discarded ninjutsu manual, or the even more whopping coincidence regarding April's mysterious past connection to the Turtles and the scientist (William Fichtner, looking suspiciously William Fichtner-esque) who helped create them.
After slimming down for his Oscar-nominated role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, you certainly won't expect the rebuilt Jackson to start singing every time he exhibits his ninjutsu skills.
While was a little boy, he lost his parents in a plague, and was found by an old ninja who taught him the art of ninjutsu. Now, he is the black ninja and he is ready to defeat corrupted shogun and his daimyos.
Reuters appeared in a court hearing in Tehran on Sunday after young Iranian girls training in Ninjutsu filed defamation charges against Reuters in February for describing them as assassins.
Perhaps more surprising still is the latest fitness fad craze for Iran's women - the martial art of ninjutsu. ( ANI )
Alongside his wife the other thing Alan credits with reconnecting him to civilian society is the martial art ninjutsu. He says: "I met a chiropractor who guided me towards ninjutsu.
The book also benefits from a Ninjutsu consultant, Bryan R.