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the traditional Japanese method of espionage

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He said: "Ninjitsu is all about self-defence and awareness on the streets, knowing your surroundings."
I've been training since I was about nine years old, I've done taekwondo, juijitsu, erm ninjitsu, erm, kickboxing, vambudo which is a mixture of tae kwondo and judo, juijitsu ...
Michelle, 44, has spent seven years training her way up to the exalted position of Fifth Dan black belt in ninjitsu - making her number two in the UK.
Get involved in intense Ninja fighting: By harnessing the power of Ninjitsu, the four Turtles have become masters of combat.
Jim Pritchard, a disciple of Ninjitsu and Tajitsu masters, describes how principles of martial arts translate into basic principles of mental strength.
"I've got this great idea about four giant turtles who can do ninjitsu and like pizza...
The killer, a former churchgoer turned delusional by drink and cannabis, was obsessed by assassin's martial art Ninjitsu. Osbourne, of Sheffield, admitted murder and robbery.
Jamie Osbourne,19,of Sheffield, was dressed from head to -toe in black in the style of the martial arts Ninjitsu -the ``art of the assassin'' -when he pounced on Ronnie Kettridge as he drove to work,Sheffield Crown Court was told.
The new members of staff are all fitness fanatics and include two women with very unusual hobbies - ice hockey and ninjitsu.
Enter The Ninja: The Ninja achieved the highest honour given to followers of Ninjitsu, the deadliest of all martial arts.
The next advance will be geographical: the 1995 congress is to be held in August in Nagoya, Japan, home of the Masashi Action Machine, a jazz-dance company that uses fans, masks, and ninjitsu moves in a wonderfully theatrical fashion.
In this world, formidable ninjitsu powers resembling magic are used to protect the peace or wage horrific war.
Although techniques common in Parkour can be found in ancient Eastern martial arts such as Ninjitsu and Qing Gong, the foundations for the modern discipline can be traced to physical training systems and assault courses (le parcours du combatant) introduced into the French military in the 1920s.
Ninjitsu master Stephen Rooney has launched classes for children aged four and over at Fitness First, in Cannon Park.