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being two more than ninety

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The book, which began as a series of ninety-second interludes on National Public Radio's WNYC in New York City, is a short but thoroughly delightful read.
This is the ninety-second consecutive quarterly dividend paid since EMC Insurance Group Inc.
A smaller, darkened room contains large screens, visible from both sides, which show a ninety-second video in which footage of another of the artist's favored Fords is projected onto Times Square traffic.
The ninety-second reports, entitled "The University of Toys Video Report Card," are available weekly and are being offered to local television stations.
These were subsequently processed through a sound-effects unit while simultaneously being translated into a light display and finally combined with a prerecorded ninety-second loop of waves crashing on the seashore.
5 Eija-Liisa Ahtila The three ninety-second spots Eija-Liisa Ahtila produced for Finnish television, Me/We, Okay, and Gray, all l993, are among the most effective works I know exploiting that newly antiquated medium.