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being one more than ninety


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In his later years he lived in Florida where he died in 1968 at the age of ninety-one.
This anthology of ninety-one texts from the Ancient Near East has resources for every part of the Old Testament, and the editors have done a great job of removing archaic English and providing a pleasing layout on the page.
Ninety-one percent of respondents said they outsource at least one service, up from 82 percent in 2000.
Ninety-one percent indicated that their overall profitability would mimic their financial position.
Ninety-one aircraft with water cannon have been deployed to tackle the inferno, which has killed one person and destroyed 41 homes.
Ninety-one "case" children came from households with adults engaged in field-based agriculture, and 18 "control" children came from households with no field-based workers.
From head to tail, the bald eagle is thirty to thirty-six inches (about seventy-six to ninety-one centimeters) and has a wingspan of seventy-eight to ninety inches (about 198 to 228 centimeters).
Margaret Dugger was able to live independently until she was ninety-one years old, thanks to her son Marion, who nursed her through cancer in their home in Chula Vista, California.
Ninety-one percent of Petland stores say their community's response to the Adopt-A-Pet program is "favorable" or "very favorable.
For Task 1 91 540 PLN (in words ninety-one thousand five hundred forty zlotys)
Ninety-one percent of Seattle respondents reported that viruses have accounted for up to a half day of downtime.
Ninety-one years later, vandals with no regard for history or religion are after the cross again, only this time, they've traded in their torches for menacing threats of litigation.
According to MFA, ninety-one companies have contracts with CMS to offer approximately 1,900 stand-alone drug plans nationwide.
Ninety-one percent of the consumers who took the trouble to surf into Ty's Web site voted in favor of continued production of the little collectibles, the company announced on its Web site Sunday.