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Synonyms for nineties

the decade from 1890 to 1899


the decade from 1990 to 1999


the time of life between 90 and 100

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BROWS NOW KNEELING unabashedly at the alter of that Nineties goddess, the Supermodel, make-up artist Tom Pecheux gave models at Moschino huge brows, shimmering skin and mahogany lips, all topped off with Linda Evangelista-style pixie crop wigs.
uk) TAME YOUR TAN BACK in the Nineties, before Instagram, the Kardashians and the rise of the YouTube make-up tutorial, contouring wasn't 'a thing' | Left: Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder in Ambre Saison, PS(houseoffraser.
uk) TAME YOUR TAN BACK in the Nineties, before Instagram, the Kardashians and the rise of the YouTube make-up tutorial, contouring wasn't "a thing" and bronzer was applied liberally with a huge brush, the aim being an all-over tan, as if you'd just returned from two weeks in Miami.
GET THE GLOSS MAKEup artists got really creative when coming up with ways to achieve a pale, matte Nineties deal: supermodel Evangelista lip, using anything but lipstick.
Boilen and his colleagues tease each other and poke fun but they're a knowledgeable bunch of critics whose views of music in the Nineties will leave you enriched.
Finally, Justine Tally uncovers more parallels between women's fiction of the nineties and the philosophy of uplift a hundred years ago than one would expect.
This social forecast comes from a half-hour commercial for a home exercise machine: "a machine for the Nineties.
However, only 7% expect new materials of any kind to be the biggest contributors to plastics' market growth in the Nineties.
Professors of American literature frequently bemoan the fact that college students of the nineties often have little knowledge of the Black Power Movement and the Second Wave of the Feminist Movement, two social interventions that define the literary commitments of many contemporary writers and shape as well our viewpoints about the social commitment of higher education.
executive vice president, an expert in real estate finance, Palmer changed the clinic session's topic from "Surviving in the Nineties" to "Prospering in the Nineties," with a verbal road map to match.
Shehane developed his technology over the course of seventeen years, the idea for which stemmed from his experiences consulting for mining concerns while in West Africa during the mid-eighties and nineties.
The trio of films features the classic comic pairings of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in THE FRONT PAGE, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in THE NAUGHTY NINETIES, and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in LIVING IT UP.
While full-service firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter scrambled to develop an online presence, discount brokerages that have offered online trading since the early nineties have established a niche.