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by a factor of nine


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According to available figures, Ireland's banking system had total assets amounting to nine times the country's GDP just before the state became subject to the weight of a financial crisis.
AN ASTEROID nine times larger than the QE2 is due to sail past the Earth later this month.
Summary: A man was found stabbed nine times in his residence in Aley and two people were shot in separate incidents, the National News Agency reported Wednesday.
FATCAT bankers face a bonus clampdown after a report revealed one high-flyer was handed nine times their salary.
Mo squeezed 8 drops of food coloring into the yellow milk He closed the carton and shook it nine times.
There is a nice memory jog you can use for the nine times table using your fingers.
CLUBS could face each other NINE times in one season under controversial SPL league reconstruction plans.
A SHOPKEEPER who died after a botched robbery at his store was struck at least nine times, police said yesterday.
Nine times out of ten I always pick who's going to win.
There, he was placed in a grave dug by his captors and shot nine times at point-blank range.
The wellspring, tucked beneath the Great Plains, and holding enough water to fill Lake Erie nine times over, has been the life force of American agriculture since irrigation took hold in the 1950s.
The first was when he was advised that he needed a headline-grabbing experience to give him notoriety, such as 50-Cent's being shot nine times.
Beneath the sprawling, flat midsection of this country lies an underground aquifer, called the Ogallala that's large enough to fill Lake Erie nine times over.
A prison governor stabbed his wife NINE times with a carving knife in front of her children.
PTN's oxygen barrier is said to be nine times greater than PET and about twice that of PEN.