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game in which matchsticks are arranged in rows and players alternately remove one or more of them

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By pairing an empirical analysis with four rigorous case studies, we demonstrate that new city clusters are a primarily urban phenomenon and that counties with NIM clusters are markedly different from single-county NIMs (e.
For NIMS Dubai, Amal Suresh and Mohammad Sawad scored seven points apiece.
NIMs widened in 2Q13, but yields on loans still under pressure
NIMS has already made an independent study of distribution methods that allow more active use of this data.
NIMS Sharjah 50 ( Ali Sirajuddin 13, Layanas 9, Ajmal Iqbal 8, Muneer 6, Afsal 4, Adil Hashim 2, Sarhan 2, Rishad 4 and Muzakir 2) beat Global English School , Al Ain (Edris Mir Mohammad.
Decatur, Illinois-based Nims provides IT consulting services, project management, application development and training services from its eight offices and two Advanced Development Center locations in Indianapolis and Dallas.
NIMS is a nonprofit organization formed to develop a nationwide (United States) skill standard program in 24 occupational areas and levels of metalworking.
Unlike most other Michelangelo translators, Nims was a poet in his own right, whose English renderings are generally fluid and clear despite the discipline of elaborate rhyme schemes.
Strong deposit inflows continued to exert pressure on WFC's NIM by 10bps sequentially in the fourth quarter, following a particularly steep drop of 25bps in the preceding quarter.
Pool B: GEMS Modern Academy; Ambassador, Dubai; Westminster, Dubai; NIMS aACAyB', Sharjah; Pool C: Model School, Abu Dhabi; Emirates National, Sharjah; Apple International, Dubai.
Our sensitivity analysis shows that the PT's will be impacted significantly by a small increase in NIMs.
In a recent track meet against Gardner High, Nims vaulted the Spartans into a comfortable lead, winning gold in the 110-meter and 400-meter hurdles plus the long jump.
To "decloud" the surface image, astronomers used NIMS to examine infrared radiation at two slightly longer wavelengths, 1.
StandTo[TM] received higher NIMS compliance levels than its competitors' automated incident management systems that had been previously evaluated.
Dubai: The New Indian Model School (NIMS), Sharjah retained the NIMS Trophy after beating Delhi Public School (DPS), Dubai in the finals of 24th NIMS Trophy Inter-School Basketball Tournament held in Sharjah last week.