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game in which matchsticks are arranged in rows and players alternately remove one or more of them

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Also, Nim Karma hopes to promote decentralization and people's participation in a more pronounced and transparent manner at the grassroots.
Zahid Hamid thanked the DG for the presentation on the NIM and its working.
When Jack is lost at sea during a monsoon, Nim sends an urgent SOS to the writer of the books asking for help, but little does Nim know that Alex is actually Alexandra (Foster), a recluse who lives, far from the tropical locations that she writes about with such verve.
Smith and Debbage (2006), examining the Southern United States, found that more than half of Southern NIMs form in a county where at least one other NIM formed.
Benny Zhu, who founded NIM and serves as its president, said the deal was an extremely exciting opportunity for his company.
Nim perfectly fit in with LaFarge's extended family, who treated him as one of their own.
Featuring interviews with his carers, Project Nim is an absorbing and illuminating documentary
What is clear is that the way Nim was treated was both scientifically unsound and terribly cruel.
After the end of the experiment, Nim was flown back to the Oklahoma research centre where he was got fewer than four years earlier.
As director, Marsh doesn't seem particularly interested in the outcome of Terrace's investigation (which the professor ultimately declared a failure, suggesting that Nim may have outsmarted him), but he recognizes the potential of a broader and arguably more important question: What happens when a wild animal is raised among humans?
Through the aid of Nim's not so run-of-the-mill friends Fred, Selkie and Chica, as well as Jack's laptop computer, Nim is able to find her full potential.
So, when Jack is lost at sea during a monsoon, Nim sends an SOS email to her favourite writer, Alex Rover.
When Jack is lost at sea during a monsoon, Nim sends an email SOS to her favourite writer, Alex Rover.
Nim (Breslin) lives on a lush South Pacific island with her scientist father Jack (Butler), who studies plankton while the youngster amuses herself with her animal pals.