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Synonyms for nihility

the condition of not existing

Synonyms for nihility

the state of nonexistence

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Moreover, when field is reflected from top and bottom of chiral nihility coated DB interface, it keeps on rotating its plane of polarization and it appears as a circularly polarized field inside the core of the waveguide [68, 69].
Nihility, to use Vizenor's expression, is offset by the concluding image of the novel through the presence of the trickster, the teacher or saviour character in the guise of the Fur Queen: "Gabriel Okimasis and the Fur Queen floated off into the swirling mist" (306).
But, to speak the truth that is in me, and in you, too, who are only a shadow of me, it is the sublime nihility of these things that inflates me with poetic emptiness-- Inflates me, myself, and not you, or Thomas, Richard or Henry-- Inflates me, I mean, and Emerson, who is only another mood of me-- Inflates us both, who are one, I say, and causes us to riot in a chaos of uninterpretable lingo, and to shout from empyrean height of unspeakable joy Whoop-de dooden-doo
Only sickness somehow makes us encounter death in all its ugliness and sharpness, and his rendezvous with nihility leaves a mark upon our consciousness.
They already dropped one album in their festering teen years and their second album Nihility proves they got a strangle-hold on their own mechanical style.
Paeans and even poems have been written to the esoteric nature of the smallest building blocks of matter: how they manifest as everywhere and nowhere, seem to come out of emptiness, and at the ultimate level seem to be distilled from pure nihility.
Abrams, Gleckner and Christensen are not alone in dismissing the work's nihility.
46) Nishitani, one of Nishida's students, further developed this idea of absolute nothingness, especially in his book Religion and Nothingness, wherein he presented it as the end result of a dialectical process in which the human being moves from egoity to nihility (relative nothingness) to finally emptiness or absolute nothingness.
Still others have no clear strategy whatsoever beyond nihility.
In sinking into Unity, it [Matter] will sink at once into that Nothingness which, to all finite perception, Unity must be--into that Material Nihility from which alone we can conceive it to have been evoked--to have been created by the Volition of God.
Naqvi, "Directive EM radiation of a line source in the presence of a coated nihility cylinder," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.
In electromagnetics, Lakhtakia introduced the concept of nihility metamaterial for a material whose permittivity and permeability approach to zero [24].
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