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Synonyms for nihilism

Synonyms for nihilism

a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake

the delusion that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist

complete denial of all established authority and institutions

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Or perhaps the occasional nihilistic film helps a spiritually healthy person, or society, confront the occasional fear that life is meaningless and, by facing that fear, overcome it.
Certainly, the nihilistic romance of being spoiled yet implicitly doomed in accursed Berlin contributed to the passion with which the two tore into one another, and yet the film digs tantalizingly deeper, seeking out something more.
The works on paper make the dark side of his theatrical ambition explicit: they leave us with a very modern sense of the angry futility of it all - no doubt a reflection of the angry futility of his effort to free himself from drugs - which turned into nihilistic hatred.
What Shakespeare's done is something that is so complex and disturbing because he explores all the various kinds of violence on every single level - from war and that kind of heroic, courageous, condoned violence to nihilistic violence, to infanticide, to lust, rape - and he puts it all on one level.
Some also saw the language of "deconstructivism" - which seemed in architecture to mean above all else the fragmentation of space - as nihilistic, its sharp angles and knifelike concrete edges as inhuman.
In "Blade Runner" (1982), he delivered a gritty performance as a cop in the nihilistic future of L.
Titus,'' however, refuses to take the play's seemingly nihilistic atrocities simply at face value.
What better image could we have of the nihilistic shock of reversal in which we all have connived, if only passively, whether out of a sense of guilt or of a more prevalent resentment?
The sometimes dry derision and often nihilistic gratings of his first two decades gave way to a restless splendor, fed by a diversity of material and techniques and a wealth of formats.
The film's dark genius lies in the way it exposes everything in rock as just a passing pose, no matter how virulent or nihilistic the fashion it assumes.
Louise Bourgeois' aesthetic stands as a counterproposal to the optimistic and nihilistic approaches that remain the hallmarks of Modernism at the end of the twentieth century," Sultan grandiosely begins.
He looses violent, if rather pat, personality conflicts among the human rats in his maze, especially between the dominant male, a cop named Quentin (Maurice Dean Wint), snooty feminist doctor Holloway (Nicky Guadagni) and nihilistic engineer Worth (David Hewlett), who knows more about the Cube than he wants to admit.
Emblematic of nihilistic futility, the pages of pseudotext implicitly dissolve differentiated sense into the nonsense of homogeneous flux.
Just when you thought the Oscar choosers would forever be dazzled by epic-scale histories and progressive social themes, they went and gave back-to-back Best Pictures to a thriller about a serial killer (``The Silence of the Lamb'') and an austere, nihilistic western (``Unforgiven''), the type of genre items that were considered too disreputable for consideration throughout most of the academy's 70-year history.
I just shrugged my shoulders; Menace II Society is undeniably violent and nihilistic.