nihil obstat

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the phrase used by the official censor of the Roman Catholic Church to say that a publication has been examined and contains nothing offensive to the church

authoritative approval

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Sources among the English-speaking bishops suggested to NCR some optimism that the Vatican might be willing to settle for a less formal system of notification about ICEL appointments than a nihil obstat.
The Guide carries the Nihil obstat of the Permanent Council of Bishops.
magazine, he defends the request for a nihil obstat and for a ban on producing original texts by the commission (see accompanying stow).
Even a denial of a nihil obstat, coming prior to the expenditure of resources in a venture foreseen to be futile, would be far less of a hindrance to the quality of the working relationship between the Holy See and the conferences of bishops than the prospect of a repeated denial or long delays of the recognitio," Medina and Tamburrino wrote.
The source present for the London meeting told NCR that "no one" openly supported the idea of a Roman nihil obstat, but that no vote was taken on this or other substantive matters.
It would mean that all 51 faculty members in the school would need the church's nihil obstat, or clearance to teach.
She taught on the school's pontifical faculty from 1981 to 1991, earning tenure and the accompanying hierarchical approvals required: the missio canonica from Cardinal James Hickey of Washington and the nihil obstat from bishops on the university's board of trustees.
We underestimated what constitutes a hindrance to getting a nihil obstat," he said.
The second member of the panel, Klaus von Stosch, whose area of specialization is the relationship between Christian faith and Islam, (5) answered the question in a similar way (and mentioned with a wink that he had received a nihil obstat at the time of his appointment at the theological faculty in Paderborn).
3) They finally gave a green light and a nihil obstat and imprimatur to "young woman" in 2011.
In 1956 the Papal Institute for Christian Archaeology in Rome obtained a nihil obstat for his promotion to Ordinary (full) Professor in 1956 but never carried through on the appointment.