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(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

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Correlation between substantia nigra and clinical symptoms in Parkinson's disease dementia patients
Although many expensive and high technology lasers are steadily dominating the market as the treatment of choice for various cosmetic and dermatosurgical conditions, "successful techniques with lasers were not as convincing compared to trusted age-old ED" despite certain lasers already being subjected to trials for the treatment dermatosis papulosa nigra, the research authors noted.
She argues that the substantia nigra is a natural iron reservoir that simply stores the essential element for use.
O valor encontrado para o lote I foi semelhante ao peso de mil sementes de Dalbergia nigra apresentado por Davide, Faria e Botelho (1995), de 17.
AMF spores were collected from Mahabalipuram and ECR near Chennai, TamilNadu, India (per 1kg of soil) and Scutellospora nigra spores were identified (www.
Specifically, the neurons of the striatum extend to the internal globus pallidus (direct pathway), the external globus pallidus (indirect pathway), and the substantia nigra (indirect pathway).
nigra is less diverse than other Sambucus species including S.
Sambucus nigra also is a featured ingredient in cough and cold treatment from PharmaCare US Inc.
Phallusia nigra is a putative cosmopolitan ascidian that has been described as introduced or invasive in a number of regions in the Indo-Pacific Ocean (India, Japan, and Hawaii) and in the Mediterranean.
Parkinson's disease is caused when dopamine nerve cells distributed in substance nigra become gradually extinct.
Results showing that the NSC migrate a significant distance from the site of implantation in the striatum to the substantia nigra where the loss of dopaminergic (DA) neurons primarily occurs in Parkinson's patients.