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a short stout club used primarily by policemen

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Today, as we look to Arab peoples in admiration of their strength, in sorrow over their losses and in anger at the dictatorships that have ruled and oppressed them for so long, I realize that we too need to recall those years of strength and resolve, that loss of fear we all had as we faced down Israeli tanks, soldiers heavily armed with live ammunition, tear gas and nightsticks, all of which were used generously against us.
The Museum's collection already comprises more than 14,000 objects, including a sheriff's writ from 1703, the earliest object in the collection; artifacts associated with infamous crimes, such as the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case, and infamous criminals such as gangster Al Capone; handcuffs, nightsticks and other tools of the trade dating back to the 1850s; and pop culture items, such as the RoboCop movie costume and one of Jack Bauer's sweatshirts from the television show, "24.
The world watched what became known as Bloody Sunday when state troopers and sheriff's deputies fired tear-gas canisters and wielded nightsticks against the hundreds that marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge (named for a Confederate general) seeking the right to vote.
Given the choice, we think most American kids would opt for beatings with nightsticks or a little Taser treatment.
Those who are willing to brave the bitter cold of winter or the nightsticks of their own police for Palestine understand that Israel's bombs must be silenced, its criminal leaders brought to justice, and the Palestinians left to live in dignity before any peace can prevail.
There was an axe - of the ornate type picked up in souvenir shops - knives, daggers, stilettos, retractable steel police nightsticks, brass knuckle dusters, knuckle dusters with blades, Ninja Shuriken, and a whole range of oriental-looking blades and weapons - many of them with at least one razor-sharp edge.
Weeks earlier, Alabama state troopers, wheeling nightsticks and discharging tear gas, had busted up a voting rights march to Selma.
Police officers in blue helmets charge into the crowd, hitting youths with their nightsticks.
The groups were also seen practicing the use of their nightsticks as well as handguns.
Monday in Tongren, Qinghai Province, five policemen wearing helmets and holding nightsticks burst into the hotel room the reporter was staying in, demanding identification papers.
The Los Angeles Police Department came under fire from all sides Wednesday for aggressive tactics at the end of a peaceful immigrants-rights rally, where officers fired successive rounds of rubber bullets into crowds with women and children, knocked reporters to the ground and struck protesters with nightsticks.
Using tear gas, nightsticks, and whips, Alabama state troopers tore into a crowd of hundreds of black marchers crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala.
Mostly I just wanted to be left alone: Three bullies with guns and nightsticks were trying to ruin my evening, and I wasn't about to let them.
she whispers in Taiwanese, looking around as if she expected angels with nightsticks to swoop down and beat the devil out of us.
The Post-Gazette reported that guards at the Greene County prison beat inmates, sodomized inmates with nightsticks, and conducted "nude searches in which every body orifice is examined in full view of other guards and prisoners.