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nightclothes worn by men

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Made April and Wills go down and say sorry to the police, didn't realise my buttons were open on my nightshirt, cops got an eyeful PScringe
There are excellent sets and oddly quaint costumes - Bob Cratchit, for example, is dressed like a dandy instead of in poverty-stricken black and Scrooge flashes his long johns instead of an ankle-length period nightshirt.
Thursday because she was cold, put on a nightshirt and returned to bed.
Derek would duly arrive at their home with a bag containing a nightshirt and bottle of brandy.
Items connected to film siren Marilyn Monroe continued to draw interest some 50 years after her death: a nightshirt fetched $15,000, a bra from "Some Like It Hot" sold for $28,125 and a one of her cocktail dresses soared to $25,000, more than four times the estimate.
Suppression of melatonin by light at night resulting in circadian disruption has been implicated in sleep disturbances, increased risk for diabetes, and obesity, as well as an added chance for more serious diseases, such as breast cancer, if circadian disruption occurs for many consecutive years, such as in nightshirt workers.
Standing in her nightshirt outside the address Helen's mother slipped into her hand, sixteen-year-old Helen has her first glimpse into a world she never knew existed.
Therefore here I am still in my nightshirt, dressing gown and slippers, sipping tepid coffee at 10 minutes to mid-day.
Giving Mom a wonderful pajama, robe or nightshirt is just that much better when bundled with a few extra goodies sure to make her smile.
preferably fermented in apple juice and a worme who eats a young boy in his bed leaving behind only the blood stained fragments of a nightshirt.
The real reason we do not see the twentieth century version of the Wee Willie Winkie nightshirt or the Eric Morecambe paisley pyjamas is lack of opportunity.
A nightshirt sells for LE 290 whereas a fleecy sort of Henley nightshirt for winter sells for LE 190.
This is a theme Northcott examines in other paintings, such as Lucy, 2008 and White Nightshirt, 2008.
Stockists: 0870 116 1368; PRETTY BABY: White seersucker babydoll, pounds 8, from Primark; SLEEPOVER: Grumpy But Gorgeous pyjama set, pounds 18, from La Senza; BEDTIME: Striped pure cotton nightshirt, pounds 16, from Bhs (available in May); SNUGGLE UP: Great Plains nighties, pounds 11.
The English adopted both the word and the loose trousers from Hindi, using the trousers in place of a nightshirt to sleep in.