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lingerie consisting of a loose dress designed to be worn in bed by women

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Strange women not only wear s3xy underwear, they also wear killer nighties.
The case dates back to July when Ghada appeared clad in a nightie while talking live via her Instagram account from her bedroom.
The nightie slipped off and part of it fell into the fire and started burning.
Even Jolene's nightie that her pals had bought for her was missing.
She'll sunbathe in front of him in a tiny bikini but won't take her clothes off when they make love - insisting on keeping a nightie or T-shirt on.
Julie Nevin (24) was wearing only a nightie when she slipped past prison officers guarding her at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, where she had given birth to a daughter just days before.
JESUS CHE "We want to get away from the wimpy Nordic figure in a white nightie.
The price of that sexy designer nightie you had in mind for your Valentine is also unchanged from Valentine's Day 2005.
Summary: Actress Ghada Abdul Razeq appeared in a nightie live on Instagram, prompting public indecency suit
RIHANNA looks like she's just rolled out of bed in this pink satin nightie before going for a wander on the streets of New York.
The new nightwear includes extra pieces of material in the back of the nightie and front of the pyjamas to provide better coverage.
It has a picture of her wearing a skimpy nightie and lists her marital status as "In an open relationship.
Make an impact with Triumph's gold Fabulous Curves nightie with beaded and sequined bust, pounds 28, and its Daring Temptation black dotted tulle nightie with pink satin bust lining, pounds 23.
com' NAUGHTY BUT NICE: Triumph Daring Temptation nightie, pounds 23' BLOOMING MARVELLOUS: La Senza's Floral Surprise chemise, pounds 18
Sleep well and warmly and with a clear conscience knowing that you're wearing a fair traded long sleeve ankle length organic Indian cotton nightie from People Tree, sizes 10-16 for pounds 28.