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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

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The Nightclubbing hitmaker was also indirectly responsible for one of the pillars of disco: when Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were turned away from her Studio 54 party on NYE 1977, they went off and wrote Le Freak.
BEIRUT: Saturday night transforms Beirut into a hub of barhopping and nightclubbing.
Wednesday Octopussy@the Arches Glasgow One of Glasgow's student nightclubbing institutions - bouncy castles, hot tubs, wedding chapels, swimming pools.
You see, 25 years after the introduction of rave, a new generation of British DJs are at the centre of a global musical revolution, and this documentary looks into how our own nightclubbing has transformed the nation.
At least that's the view of revered trainer Freddie Roach, who insists the Filipino fury has become a much more disciplined boxer since kicking his gambling and nightclubbing habits.
TROUBLED actress Lindsay Lohan threw a party just hours after a judge ordered her to "stop nightclubbing and focus on work".
Along with Boogie Nights creator Jon Conway, David invites you to a roller-coaster ride of a musical, underscored by his hits such as Winter's Tale, Hold Me Close, Gonna Make You Star, Me And My Girl, Nightclubbing, Silver Dream Machine and Rock On.
Sunderland imposed a sixweek suspension - the maximum permitted under employment law - and also fined him heavily for bringing the club into disrepute by going nightclubbing just hours before he was due at training.
The Lincoln Lawyer threatens to bog down in increasingly preposterous plot twists and talky courtroom confrontations, but Furman manages to keep the story simmering along with touches of ribald humor, especially with the appearance of two hilarious witnesses played by Shea Whigham and Eric Etebari, who as a nightclubbing playboy utters the deathless line, "We made pleasurable and consensual love .
My girlfriend of two weeks wants to go nightclubbing.
Having said that, their versions of Nightclubbing and Blue Monday, in particular, were actually bonkers, causing this listener to grin like someone on day-release.
Griffiths writes "Observers had a very strong idea of what constituted appropriate dress and performers were rated as significantly less appropriately dressed in the nightclubbing dress than in jeans or the concert dress.
I don't mind if they spend the rest of their lives on a luxurious yacht and nightclubbing, but I do object to being conned into believing that something is going to happen and never does.
Also, they have new schemes for weekend fostering for young unmarried mothers so they can go out nightclubbing and drinking.
PAOLO DI CANIO has warned Ashley Cole and England's other party animals that their nightclubbing antics will be stamped out by Fabio Capello.