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Wearing your nightclothes outdoors is lazy and disrespectful.
He also said that loose-fitting nightclothes (in cotton or silk) are more effective than sleeping naked, as natural fibres absorb moisture from skin.
Neighbours in nightclothes scrabbled among the debris and found the man lying on a mattress and covered by a door.
A FAMILY-OF-FIVE have been left with nothing but the nightclothes they were wearing after fire devastated their home.
I have three granddaughters whose ages range from 15 to 23 and they would be mortified if anyone suggested they went out in their nightclothes.
Crew roused the man, who admitted he had drunk several beers and claimed he mistook the suit for nightclothes in the dark.
who stayed in nightclothes till dinner, smashed empty beer cans-- But
Ahmadi was holding the kitchen door shut but Mr Elgie managed to drag her out of the house in Waverley Street and an hour later she was seen standing on the bridge in her nightclothes, said Mr Newcombe.
She got in her car in her nightclothes and slippers and drove to the scene to find out what was going on.
Hospice facilities administrator Cynthia Corbett initially approached the company in Leicester as part of a search for a suitable supplier of nightclothes and she was delighted when the firm responded with the generous offer.
We understood this, but she then spent the next ten hours sitting in a chair in her nightclothes waiting to be taken to Rugby St Cross Hospital, as the only other time she had been out of bed in the previous three weeks was to use the bathroom and take a few tentative steps after breaking her hip.
LONDON: Special constable Nisha Patel Nasri was found staggering around in her nightclothes with a fatal wound to her groin, screaming "help, he's following me", a court heard on Thursday.
Many were detained in their nightclothes as police struck.
The most significant concern, however, were patients who reported going to bed but waking up to learn they had been arrested along roads or in their automobiles while in nightclothes.
When I do get to sleep, I wake up sweating, with my nightclothes drenched.