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a person who likes to be active late at night

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Familiarity with her voice has not dimmed its power and Nightbird is a trans-fixing listen.
His latest works caught me up in interest and I personally thank him for my favorite Speaks the Nightbird.
Named Nightbird, in memory of trumpeter Chet Baker, the band performs cool West Coast Jazz.
It was around this time that he started a successful solo career recording a string of acclaimed albums like Nightbird (1980), One Good Reason (1987) and Blue Views (1996).
Such a panorama would be a tall order for Tolstoy in a thousand pages; in Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?
So she launched one of Fayetteville's newest businesses, Nightbird Books, a 1,900-SF bookstore that opened on April 8.
Likewise, Nightbird in her work of fan fiction imagines Rosie as a member of the exclusive "Little Company" that also includes Sam and Frodo.
Musically, the band has been busy releasing their new album Nightbird and Andy's also been working on a solo album of up-tempo dance with Manhattan Clique, two DJs who supported them on their last tour.
The audience's reaction to Erasure's visual splendour was ecstatic and from the opening notes of No Doubt - from their new album Nightbird - a party atmosphere spread through Glasgow's Carling Academy.
Lamont, old nightbird, friend, alehouse crony, you are oozing away into the dark earth below the street.
The tawny frogmouth (Podargus strigoides, Podargidae), a large nightbird, only needs a hole in the ground as a nest for the female to lay its eggs, which the male incubates alone.
Restless like her father, a nightbird like Stalin, her capricious and unpredictable behaviour drove her courtiers to distraction.
Thrice Told Tales: A Review of The Nightbird Sings: Chants and Songs of Sarawak Dayaks.
GEC-MA's NVG range is fleshed out by the helicopter-oriented Nite-Op and fast jet Nightbird systems.
The band, named Nightbird in memory of trumpeter Chet Baker, performs cool West Coast jazz of the 50s plus ground-shaking, hot be-bop of Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.