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a watch during the night (as from midnight to 8 a

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The Night Watch (sort of the goodies) keep the peace and semi-protect humans.
Twelve years later, Anton is now a vampire on the side of Light and works for Night Watch.
The idea behind it is certainly well-intended, but I'm concerned about whether or not we have enough supervisors to fill all these new positions on the night watch and the day watch.
The first officer on the roll of honour is Watchman Robert Twyford, 54, of Birmingham Night Watch.
This time it was Night Watch and I must admit, I was slightly worried about this play.
Liverpool City Police was formed in 1836, replacing the Night Watch and the Corporation Constabulary.
Despite his noble and honourable nature, the "Old Bear" was killed in the most recent season three, stabbed in the back during a mutiny on the Night Watch.
The new Darkotic Monstroid targets include eight new scary monsters are available, including the Snack Rabbit Jackalope, Dead Sea Sea Monster, Freezer Burn Yeti, Night Watch Werewolf, Final Harvest Scarecrow, Farm Hand Chupacabra, Grounds Crew Garden Gnomes and Scar Tissue, a chainsaw wielding maniac.
It is believed that Tareq Kamal Afif Al Haj Ahmad was preparing the rifle to use in his night watch over land in the village of Arabah near Jenin.
You play initially as Mors Westford, a man of the Night Watch, guarding the ice wall which protects the seven kingdoms from wildling invaders and worse.
Just three years into her career, the 27-year-old has been cast as Dickensian heroine Little Dorrit, fascist sympathiser Lady Persephone in the remake of Upstairs, Downstairs and is now appearing in Second World War-set drama The Night Watch.
In a gripping adaptation of Sarah Waters' novel The Night Watch, this drama follows the lives, loves and losses of four young Londoners through the Second World War.
SUNDAY TUESDAY Law & Order: UK ITV1, 9pm The Night Watch BBC2, 9pm The hit drama returns with some new faces.
She is to star next week in the BBC2 drama The Night Watch.
AS for men, three overarching themes have emerged, namely Uni-Form, Rustic Rebirth and Night Watch.