night vision

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the ability to see in reduced illumination (as in moonlight)

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In such scenarios, night vision devices can help law enforcement personnel in detecting camouflaged humans in darkness, haze, or smoke.
Cole began with an idea in 2008 to double the standard military night vision goggle's field of view from 40 degrees to 80 degrees, which is much closer to what humans see.
The most effective night vision technology works by capturing the infrared portion of the light spectrum - this is the part that is emitted as heat by objects, instead of reflected as light.
This is the second of two production year contract options for Exelis' Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (SENVG), designated AN/PSQ-20A.
BEL recently supplied 30,600 passive night sights for rifles, rocket launchers and light machine guns, passive night vision binoculars and passive night vision goggles to the Army but the forces remain woefully short and are looking for the latest 3rd
For night vision devices, a team will come from Tobyhanna.
Acknowledging the high failure rates of Generation 4 tubes, ITT Industries (which together with Litton Industries provides the bulk of image intensifier tubes and systems for night vision devices manufactured in the United States) chose to improve upon the existing Generation 3 technology and develop a "thin-filmed" image intensifier tube.
But the lack of night vision restricted the times when the helicopter could fly.
The invention of portable night vision technology such as helmet-mounted night vision systems has opened a new dimension in modern warfare.
This dual mode night vision capability is useful in driver assistance and safety applications such as pedestrian, object and sign detection, as well as rear view or backup camera applications.
An active night vision technology was chosen for the demonstration project of the weblog software.
GREENKEEPERS at a golf club will use army-style night vision goggles in a bid to catch a vandal.
Night Vision uses infrared technology, which can detect
Gresham, deputy project manager of the Army's Center for Night Vision and Electro-Optics at Ft.