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an emotional episode (usually in young children) in which the person awakens in terror with feelings of anxiety and fear but is unable to remember any incident that might have provoked those feelings

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Ms Wolfe has outlined signs that might indicate if your child is suffering from night terrors.
Stephen Hutcheson suffers from night terrors while asleep - a frightening condition which leaves him gripped by an uncontrollable sense of dread, panic and a need to escape.
He has five children from two marriages, and they all know about his night terrors.
The disruption may occur each time the child reaches that point in the sleep cycle, but the first sleep cycle is generally the deepest, so the first night terror of the night usually occurs then.
Hitchcock's bird Few mascots can give Partick's Kingsley a run for their money in the night terror stakes but Brighton's Sally Seagull must have caused a few monumental nightmares Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa couldn't have looked more like Oor Wullie as he watched his side beat Millwall.
NIGHT TERROR New drama Paula is an eerie and dark thriller
But doctors told his mum, Teresa, he would grow out of it, and his last night terror was in 2012, Liverpool coroner's court heard.
The names of these new events, dubbed "dark races", range from cute (the "Moonlight Flit"), to cheeky ("Wild Night Run") to frankly, a little scary ("Night Terror").
Night terror, also known as sleep terror, is just this type of sleep disturbance that can terrify parents enough to contact their pediatrician at once.
Only on the occasion that the child acts ill or extremely frightened, as after a night terror, should the child sleep with the parent.
Seventy-five years in the city's past When togetherness was built which will always last Cathedral destroyed amid anguished cries Yet within days the phoenix would rise The spirit of our people would bring a tear to the eye The night terror rained down from bombers in the sky Destruction and death in all of war's glory?
He was in his sleep suffering a night terror. What he did was wholly out of character."
The medical term for a night terror is "parasomnia." While that sounds dramatic, it is used to describe many sleep disorders including sleep walking and sleep talking.
The first show meets five people with conditions from snoring so loudly to night terrors that cause the sleeper to scream the house down, plus an insomniac who spends the night baking.
Mrs A said the meeting sent shockwaves through her son, who still suffers with night terrors and aggression.