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an emotional episode (usually in young children) in which the person awakens in terror with feelings of anxiety and fear but is unable to remember any incident that might have provoked those feelings

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It is more likely than not that Jules was feeling unwell and suffered a night terror which led him to go over the railings.
According to one study, night terror afflicts approximately 6.
Like a child immersed in a night terror, an adolescent sleepwalker is agitated, bearing no resemblance to the peaceful amblers sometimes depicted in movies or sitcoms.
Last night terror analyst Professor Paul Rogers, of the University of Bradford, said it would be crucial to establish whether the alleged abduction plan was an isolated one-off or part of a wider movement.
Seventy-five years in the city's past When togetherness was built which will always last Cathedral destroyed amid anguished cries Yet within days the phoenix would rise The spirit of our people would bring a tear to the eye The night terror rained down from bombers in the sky Destruction and death in all of war's glory?
By contrast, a night terror is a disorder of arousal, and may involve physical changes.
This is not a typical childhood nightmare, but a night terror.
He suggests waking the child 30 minutes before the time the night terror normally happens.
During a night terror the intensity of talking, cries, yells, etc.
A child who suffers from a night terror has continually broken sleep but adjusting bedtime earlier even by half an hour can make a significant difference.
As the night terror ends, he will make a deep sigh, roll over and go immediately back to sleep.
During one night terror, Stephen tried to throw himself through a fourth floor window.
Last night terror experts said thousands of people could have been killed if cyanide was let off in one of London's crowded tube stations during rush-hour.
Jack says the only other person he met who had a similar night terror pattern was a man who was a teenager in Auschwitz death camp.
My first night terror in Nottingham on Sunday night has now transformed into the most amazing experience ever.