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a school that holds classes in the evenings for students who cannot attend during the day

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Among the 20 proposals, the municipality are opening craftsmanship centers in the old city and helping to market local products, along with opening night schools to reduce the school dropout rate for residents.
Siddiqui announced the entry test for night schools would take place on August 25.
PPFA Night Schools will be held Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.
They have set up night schools in villages round about to offer education suitable for rural life in Rajasthan, rather than the alien curriculum offered by official schools.
Remember when night schools were for the old, the bored and the desperate?
Last night schools sports chief Noel Henderson called for more government cash to help the next generation of kids grow up fitter.
CATI-Buffalo Grove will continue to provide the engineering community with numerous services including monthly SolidWorks Night Schools, free educational workshops, and certified training and support.
KABUL (PAN): About 6716 students including 2300 female participated in the entry-test for admission in 9 various night schools in the capital here on Friday.