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member of a secret mounted band in United States South after the American Civil War

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In Lucille Christian of Night Rider for instance, according to Donohue, Warren "creates a woman character who attempts to achieve caring and collaborative goals by breaking out of gendered language stereotypes." In Band of Angels, on the other hand, Amantha Starr's "limited achievements toward self-development would not have been realized had she not borrowed men's language traits, particularly the direct probe for facts." This yardstick for a woman character's "success" only plays into the Catch-22 of traditional criticism by gender, in which character behavior that does not match type is ascribed to "borrowings" from the other gender, even as the construction of gender itself is ascribed to a stereotyping impulse.
Fans of all ages are flocking to see the tall hunk in Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, but don't expect to see The Hoff (now 63) storming across stage in the athletic way he performed in so many episodes of Baywatch and Night Rider.
PESHAWAR -- Umar Abad Night Rider club and Friends club advanced to next round after securing victories against their respective rivals in the ongoing Quadrangular Peace Twenty20 Cricket Tournament being played at Cricket Stadium, Haripur on Tuesday.
NIGHT RIDER Kieren Fallon drives Night Of Thunder to victory
The council''s Passenger Transport Team would like to hear from drivers and driver buddies to help run their Night Rider service.
On Thursday, Rasika Joshi and Milind Pathak directed White Lily Aani Night Rider ( Marathi), a black comedy about relationships ( nominated in the Best Actor Female and Best Original Script categories) takes place at SRC at 5 pm.
Music for the reception was provided by Night Rider, and food was prepared by the Queens' Cuisine.
Another song that rings true is "Night Rider's Lament," in which a lone cowhand on the graveyard shift stops in the light of the moon to read a letter from a friend back home:
I mean, bandwidth was so cramped they barely had enough channel space for the essential re-runs of El Dorado, or classic Night Rider episodes.
The tale is placed in the context of the very old "night rider" genre of narratives that depict the efforts of whites to intimidate African Americans by dressing as ghosts.
Warren would return to this subject--the so-called Black Patch War--in his first published novel, Night Rider (1939).
After hearing about his plight, the Night Rider and Baywatch star - known as The Hoff - took to Twitter to send his love.
In the four years she has held the post she developed the Denbighshire Night Rider Scheme to encourage older people to go out in the evening by providing safe, reliable and inexpensive transport.
The other four stories planned for the series are: "Mohawk Princess - The Eunice Williams Story" (1704); "Night Rider - Sybil Ludington"(1777); "Westward Ho!