night owl

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a person who likes to be active late at night

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Melatonin supplements help the rise come earlier in night owls, who should also avoid bright light in the evening.
Under the acquisition agreement Night Owl Games will take on the sales, marketing and operations of Dungeon Overlord in addition to the company's ongoing development of the title.
Rorschach and Night Owl confront him about his plan and he reveals that he intends to trigger a bomb that will cause a nuclear war to break out between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Night Owl (Wilson) in fighting form; She's super sexy.
Differences between an individual's performance extremes varied by almost 6 seconds and proved independent of whether the swimmer initially had been an early bird or a night owl, according to his or her previous sleep schedule, Youngstedt notes.
Rachel McKeever, a self-proclaimed night owl and dancer with American Repertoly Ballet in New Jersey, suffered severe insomnia between graduating from her performing arts high school and joining ARB.
who took part in the initial Patriot Night Owl exercise at Fort Huachuca's Libby Army Air Field.
com lists 712 books under the category "Apple Mac," and true obsessives can cap off a day of Steve Jobs-related media consumption by listening to online radio shows like The Mac Night Owl.
The desperate parents of Cutie LaRue, a child who never sleeps, invest in a special talking toy named Night Owl, "guaranteed to put a kid out till dawn.
Subsisting on little more than caffeine and asthma meds, the electively bedridden night owl sated his appetite for intrigue through a lively correspondence, midnight visits, and chats with the help.
Heggstrom, a millworker who describes herself as a night owl because she works the late shift, had dozed off in the living room when "there was a loud enough noise that it startled me.
Deerfield Felix remains favourite for Friday's Peter Derrick National Sprint despite his surprise odds-on semi-final defeat by Im Night Owl on Monday.
The trend of social games co-existing on mobile devices is just beginning," says Chris Mayer, CEO, Night Owl Games.
So, if you're a night owl surrounded by early birds, don't let them bully you into a cycle that may simply not suit your physiology.
Northern Soul Night, The Night Owl, tonight, 9pm, PS3.