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doorlock operated by a knob on the inside and a key on the outside

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This statute requires an owner to install a night latch if one is requested.
Outside doors: Fit five-lever mortice locks all round plus a dead- locking night latch to the front door.
In addition, the Texas DTPA, the lease and state statutes called for the landlord to furnish locks and latches and to install a night latch if requested.
Each bungalow comes with gas central heating, UPVC double glazing and, for greater security, each front door has been fitted with a five-lever mortice lock, night latch and a security chain.
Tenders are invited for Special repairs to Night latch / window Grills and providing Grill door for A and B type flats in DAE Township, Kalpakkam.
Tenders are invited for Good Quality Heavy Duty Night Latch Single Lock Seven Lever Of Godrej Or Superior Make.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Godrej 7 Lever Night Latch Opening Lock With Three Keys