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a criminal court (in large cities) that sits at night

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Being arrested after office hours shouldn't be too worrisome since there are night courts in several cities all over the country.
"Night Court" ran on NBC from 1984 until 1992, and Anderson received three lead comedy actor Emmy nominations for his role.
Police took 34 detainees to the night court and 17 of the suspects were arrested by the court.
In her initial assignment to the family division, she created a website to provide attorneys with forms and calendars, conducted quarterly CLE family law updates, held night court, and created a family self-help guide, a domestic violence diversion program and several other processes to improve access for pro se litigants.
A 2012 Union Tribune investigation revealed that while speeding is a simple $35 fine, other government agencies can tack on as many as 10 other surcharges, including: a state penalty assessment, $40; county penalty assessment, $36; court construction, $20; state surcharge, $8; DNA identification, $16; criminal conviction fee, $35; court operations, $40; emergency medical air transportation penalty, $4; and night court, $1.
Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, Night Court, Law & Order, Cheers.
A night court at Istanbul's Courthouse ordered his imprisonment pending further investigations, Anadolu Agency reported tonight, citing security sources.
He is a founder of the Social Justice Night Court which just celebrated its 10 years of providing free legal counsel to indigent residents of Webb County who could not otherwise afford an attorney.
The room was always a little bit better with her in it."Wallace was a regular guest star on a host of popular TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s, from The Love Boat and Fantasy Island to Gimme a Break!, ALF, Night Court, Charles in Charge and Magnum, P.I.In recent years, Wallace also advocated for awareness of breast cancer, a disease she battled herself.
It all started with NBC's "Night of Bests," the name the network gave its Thursday night lineup consisting of classic shows Cheers, The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Night Court and Hill Street Blues, before progressing to "Must See TV," the slogan they gave the Thursday night lineup that graced the air in the '90s.
"I also took part in mediation clinics which were extremely interesting because I was lucky enough to attend a civil night court in Jamaica Queens to watch how the mediation process took place.
The court experience will include seeing those on the wrong side of the law at a night court. They will also witness legal arguments surrounding a commercial case.
He was sentenced on Wednesday night during a late night court hearing - the first of its kind ever in the West Midlands.
JAILED 'US spy' Igor Sutyagin may be freed GUILTY Chapman,28, admitted spying and was deported last night COURT Artist's impression of Russian spy suspects Patricia Mills, Michael Zottoli and Mikhail Semenko, standing, in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia on July 1.