night court

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a criminal court (in large cities) that sits at night

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I know the "We don't need no stinking badgers" line is a play on words from the movie "Treasure of the Sierra Madre," but were you quoting directly from John Laroquette's post Night Court television situation comedy?
He would also realize that Sinclair has already adjusted the hours of the court to improve customer service; she has discussed the option of night court with the clerks of the court but all have decided it is not feasible at this time because the court is understaffed.
Night Court star John Larroquette returned to the courtroom this fall, this time playing a high-powered attorney and senior partner of the law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt in the drama-comedy Boston Legal.
17) Indeed, the Women's Night Court began operating in 1910, largely in response to complaints by forceful crusaders, (18) who for years sought to suppress the "social evil" of prostitution in New York City.
ON-OFF ROMANCE: Ken and Deirdre prepare for a repeat of their wedding day after Deirdre's riotous hen night COURT ROW: Katy screams abuse
Ferguson appeared before a night court but charges were dropped after he agreed to pay the injured man a four-figure sum in euros.
What happened next resembled a scene right our of the former television series Night Court.
Set in Manhattan night court, 100 Centre Street has begun by adopting a more skeptical stance, even hinting at the argument of critical legal studies--that America's racial, class, and gender inequities are so embedded in the law that only a radical overhaul of the system can make it fair.
Competitive grants would also be awarded to court systems to reduce backlogs by using night court sessions, hiring additional personnel to reduce caseloads and using other innovative strategies.
I hadn't realized that the Health Department has night court, so I will be there at 1 p.
Other city agencies provided services during the event, such as supporting officers who worked in 100-degree temperatures, manning remote booking facilities, and providing prisoner transport and night court.
At a Night Court hearing, bond was set at just $500, a typical amount for a misdemeanor.
Innkeepers at check-in desks, Judges in night court, Kitchen hands at truck stops, Longshoremen at the port.
Debra Langford, vice president/current programming for Warner Brothers Television who is responsible for shows such as Murphy Brown, Life Goes On, and Night Court, says success demands professional savvy and understanding the intense complexities and unwritten rules of the business.
The new company's menu offers the world books, records, films, magazines, TV programs: Dallas, Night Court, The Accidental Tourist, Money -even Life itself.